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...AND OCEANS - A.M.G.O.D. (Century Media) like new
...AND OCEANS / BLOODTHORN - WAR Vol.1 (Season Of Mist) like new
13 CANDLES - Angels Of Mourning Silence 1997 (Cacophonous) like new
3 INCHES OF BLOOD - Advance And Vanquish 2004 (Roadrunner)
3 INCHES OF BLOOD - Fire Up The Blades (Roadrunner) good
311 - ''311'' 1995 (Capricorn Records) like new
311 - Live 1998 (Capricorn Records) like new
3rd STRIKE - Lost Angel 2002 (Hollywood Records) like new
4LYN - 4Lyn 2001 (Motor Music) like new
4LYN - Neon (Motor Music) very good+
4LYN - Whooo Soccer Slam Version 2002 [with video clips, live footage] (Motor Music) Single slim box like new
69 EYES, THE - Blessed Be 2000 (Roadrunner) like new
69 EYES, THE - Paris Kills 2002 (Roadrunner) like new
69 EYES, THE - Wasting The Dawn 1999 (Roadrunner) like new
A CALL TO IRONS - A Tribute To IRON MAIDEN 1998 (Dwell Records) like new
A CALL TO IRONS 2 - A Tribute To IRON MAIDEN 1999 (Dwell Records) like new
A LIFE ONCE LOST - Hunter (Roadrunner) like new
A MIND CONFUSED - Anarchos (Irond) like new
A TRAITOR LIKE JUDAS - Nightmare Inc. (Soyuz) Запечатан.
A TRIBUTE TO ACCEPT Vol.1 1999 (Nuclear Blast) very good
A Tribute To QUEEN - Dragon Attack 1996 (DeRock Records) like new
A TRIBUTE TO THE BEAST (Irond) like new
A TRIBUTE TO THE PRIEST 2002 (Irond) like new
ABANDONED - Thrash Notes (Soyuz) like new
ABANDONED - Thrash You! (Soyuz) like new
ABLAZE MY SORROW - Anger, Hate And Fury (Irond) very good+
ABORTED - The Archaic Abattoir (CD-Maximum) like new
ABSENT SILENCE - Dawn Of A New Mourning (No Colours) like new
AC/DC - Blow Up Your Video (Atlantic) good
AC/DC - Live At River Plate (Sony Music) Digi 2CD like new
AC/DC - Who Made Who (Atlantic) like new
ACCEPT ‎– Metal Masters Brain ‎– 827 742-2, Brain ‎– 827 742-2ME
ACCEPT ‎– No Substitutes Sony Music Special Products ‎– A 22627
AD INFERNA - L'empire Des Sens (Irond) like new
AEBA - Flammenmanifest (Last Episode) like new
AETERNUS - Shadows Of Old (Fono) very good+
AFTER ALL - Cult Of Sin (Soyuz) very good
AFTER ALL - The Vermin Breed (Soyuz) like new
AGATHODAIMON - Blacken The Angel (Nuclear Blast) very good+
AGATHODAIMON - Chapter III (Irond) very good
AGONY SCENE, THE - The Darkest Red 2005 (Roadrunner) like new
AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED - Honky Reduction (Relapse) like new
AIN SOPH - Kshatriya (Musica Maxima Magnetica) very good
AION - Midian (Massacre Records) like new
AJATTARA - Itse (Fono) like new
AKERCOCKE - Antichrist (Soyuz) like new
AKERCOCKE - Words That Go Unspoken, Deeds That Go Undone (Союз) very good
AKHENATON - Divine Symphonies (Adipocere) like new
ALARUM - Eventuality (Earache) good -
ALAS - Absolute Purity (Fono) like new
ALASTIS - Revenge (Century Media) like new
ALASTIS - Unity (Century Media) like new
ALICE COOPER - The Alice Cooper Show (Warner Bros.) like new
ALIEN BOYS - Nekropolis (GUN) like new
AM I BLOOD - Agitation (Nuclear Blast) very good
AM I BLOOD - Am I Blood (Nuclear Blast) like new
AMBER ASYLUM - Frozen In Amber Sag 1 (Elfenblut) very good
AMDUSCIAS - Amduscias (Blackend) like new
AMERICAN HEAD CHARGE - The War Of Art 2001 (American Recording) Digi like new
ANAL CUNT - Morbid Florist (Relapse) like new
ANATHEMA - Resonance 2 (Союз) very good
ANCIEN CEREMONY - Under Moonlight We Kiss (Cacophonous) like new
ANCIENT - Mad Grandiose Bloodfiends (Metal Blade) Digi like new
ANCIENT - The Halls Of Eternity (Metal Blade) very good+
ANCIENT CEREMONY - P.uritan's B.lasphemy C.all (Irond) good
ANCIENT CEREMONY - Synagoga Diabolica (Alister Records) like new
ANEW REVOLUTION - Rise (Koch Records) very good+
ANGIZIA - Das Tagebuch Der Hanna Anikin (Napalm Records) like new
ANGIZIA - Die Kemenaten Scharlachroter Lichter (Napalm Records) like new
ANGRA - Aqua (Soyuz) good ---
ANGRA - Aurora Consurgens (Soyuz) запечатан
ANGRA - Fireworks (Steamhammer) Digi good+
ANNIHILATOR - In Command (Live 1989-1990) (Roadrunner) 1996
ANNIHILATOR - SetThe... (Roadrunner)
ANNIHILATOR - The Best Of 2003 (Roadrunner) like new
ANNOTATIONS OF AN AUTOPSY - II: The Reign Of Darkness (Nuclear Blast) slipcase like new
ANOREXIA NERVOSA - Exile (Season Of Mist) like new
ANTHRAX ‎– Armed And Dangerous Bullet Proof Records ‎– CDMVEST 55
ANTIMATTER - Saviour (Irond) like new
APHRODISIAC - Nonsense Chamber Sag VI (Misanthropy Records) like new
ARCANA - Dark Age Of Reason (Cold Meat Industry) like new
ARISE - The Beautiful New World (Spinefarm) like new
ARKHE - Arkhe (Underground Symphony) like new
ARTILLERY - My Blood (Metal Mind) like new
ARTILLERY - When Death Come (Soyuz) very good+
ASPERA - Ripples (Soyuz) Запечатан.
ASTRAL - As Voices Speak (SPV) like new
ASTRAL GROOVE - Astral Groove (Fono) like new
AT VANCE - Dragonchaser (Shark Records) like new
AT VANCE - Ride The Sky (Soyuz) like new
ATANATOS - Devastation - The Third Attack (Last Episode) like new
ATHEIST - Jupiter (Soyuz) very good
ATROCITY - Willenskraft Massacre records MASS CD 099
AUBERON - The Tale Of Black (Black Mark) like new
AUDREY HORNE - Audrey Horne (Soyuz) like new
AURA NOIR - Hades Rise (Soyuz) запечатан
AURA NOIR - Increased Damnation (Fono) like new
AUTUMN - The Past Twelve Years 1997 (Museum Obscuro) very good
AUTUMN TEARS - Love Poems For... Act I (Dark Symphonies) like new
AUTUMNIA - In Loneliness Of Two Souls (Griffin) like new
AVRIGUS - The Secret Kingdom (Fono) like new
AVULSED - Stabwound Orgasm (Irond) very good+
AXEL MASI - In The Name Of Bach (Fono) like new
AXEL RUDI PELL - Diamonds Unlocked (Soyuz) like new (чуть мятый передник)
AXEL RUDI PELL - Magic (Steamhammer) like new
AXEL RUDI PELL - Mystica (Soyuz) like new
AXEL RUDI PELL - Oceans Of Time (Steamhammer) like new
AXEL RUDI PELL - The Ballads II (Steamhammer) like new
AXXIS - Utopia (Soyuz) like new
BABYLON WHORES - Death Of The West (Spinefarm) good+
BALANCE OF POWER - Perfect Balance (Irond) like new
BAL-SAGOTH - Atlantis Ascendant (Irond) like new
BAL-SAGOTH - The Power Cosmic (Nuclear Blast)
BARATHRUM - Legions Of Perkele 1998 (Spinefarm) very good+
BENIGHTED LEAMS - Cliginour Romantyc Myth (Supernal Music) very good
BERGTHRON - Verborgen in den Tiefen der Wälder... (Perverted Taste) like new
BESEECH - ...From A Bleeding Heart (Metal Blade) like new
BESEECH - Black Emotions (Pavement) very good+
BESEECH - Souls Highway (Irond) very good
BETHLEHEM - Dictius Te Necare (Red Stream) very good
BETHLEHEM - Reflektionen Auf's Sterben (Red Stream) very good задник помят
BETHLEHEM - S.U.I.Z.I.D. (Red Stream) good+
BETRAY MY SECRETS - Betray My Secrets (Serenades) very good
BETZEFER - Down Low 2005 (Roadrunner) like new
BEWITCHED - Hell Comes To Essen (Osmose) like new
BEYOND, THE - Crawl 1992 (The Continuum Group) Digi - good / CD - like new
BLACK ABYSS - Land Of Darkness (Irond) very good+
BLACK FLAG - Everything Went Black (SST Records) very good чуть помят буклет
BLACK FUNERAL - Empire Of Blood (Full Moon Productions) [white font] very good++
BLACK KEYS, THE - El Camino (Nonesuch Records Inc.) Digi good+
BLACK LABEL SOCIETY - Hangover Music Vol. VI (CD-Maximum) like new
BLACK LABEL SOCIETY - Skullage (Soyuz) very good
BLACK LABEL SOCIETY - The Blessed Hellride (CD-Maximum) very good+
BLACK SYMPHONY, THE - The Black Symphony 1998 (Rising Sun Productions) like new
BLACK TIDE - Light From Above (Interscope) super jewel box like new
BLEEDING THROUGH - The Truth (Trustkill / Roadrunner) like new
BLEEDING THROUGH - This Is Love, This Is Murderous 2003 (Trustkill / Roadrunner) like new
BLIND GUARDIAN - Nightfall In Middle-Earth (Comp Music)
BLISS - Sin To Skin (Massacre Records) like new
BLOOD HAS BEEN SHED - Novella Of Uriel / Spirals (Reissue) 2001,2003,2005 (Ferret Music) like new
BLOOD RED THRONE - Come Death (Soyuz) very good+
BLOOD RED THRONE - Souls Of Damnation (Soyuz)
BLOOD STORM - The Atlantean Wardragon (Cacophonous) like new
BLOODLINE, THE - Opium Hearts (Serenades Records) like new
BO DIDDLEY - The Difinitive Collection 2007 (Geffen Music) like new
BORKNAGAR - Empiricism (Century Media) like new
BORKNAGAR - Universal (Soyuz) good
BORN FOR BLISS - Flowing Wth The Flue (Nuclear Blast) very good
BRAINSTORM - Memorial Roots (Soyuz) good+
BRAINSTORM - On The Spur Of The Moment (AFM Records) Digi запечатан
BREAKDOWN - Plus Minus (Kingfisher/Eyeball Records) like new
BREATH OF LIFE, THE - Sweet Party 1998 ( Hall Of Sermon) like new
BREEDING FEAR - The Chase Is On 1996 (Wolverine Records)
BREZHNEV - In Vldiwoodstock (Vitaminepillen) like new
BRIMSTONE - Carving A Crimson Career (TPL) like new
BRUJERIA - The Mexecutioner! The Best Of Brujeria 2003 (Roadrunner) Запечатан
BURNING SKIES - Desolation (Soyuz) like new
BURNING SKIES - Greed. Filth. Abuse. Corruption (Soyuz) good+
BURST - Loss Of Innocence (M.O.S. Records/Last Epitaph) в оригинальном фиолетовом боксе like new
BUTTERFLY TEMPLE - Велес (Irond) very good+
BUTTERFLY TEMPLE - Сны Северного Моря (Irond) very good
BUZZCOCKS - The Peel Sessions 1989 (BBC/Castle) like new
CADAVEROUS CONDITION - ''For Love" I Said (Lethal) like new
CADAVEROUS CONDITION / TODD DILLINGHAM - Tryst (Serpent Qui Danse/Starry) like new
CANCER - Black Faith (Warner Music) very good+
CARPE TENEBRUM - Mirrored Hate Painting (Hammerheart)
CASKET - ...Emotions Dream Of Reality (Serenades Records) Digi like new
CASKET - Faithless (Serenades Records)
CEMETERY OF SCREAM - Depression 1997 (Serenades Records)
CEREBRAL FIX - Bastards (Roadracer)
CEREMONY - Hang Out Your Poetry (Geffen)
CHALICE - Chronicles Of Dysphoria 2000 (Modern Invasion) very good+
CHARGED GBH - City Babys Attacked By Rats 1990 (Clay Records) very good
CHARON - THe Dying Daylights 2003 (Spinefarm) like new
CHILDREN OF A LESSER GOD - Migrations (MSM Records) like new
CHILDREN OF BODOM - Tokyo Warhearts (Spinefarm) like new
CHIMAIRA - Chimaira (Roadrunner Records) like new
CHIMAIRA - The Impossibility Of Reason (Roadrunner Records) like new
CHRIST AGONY - Darkside (Hammerheart)
CIRCUS OF PAIN - The Swamp Meat Intoxication 1994 (Sub/mission) very good+
CLAIR OPBSCUR - Sombre Revelations (Not On Label)
COAL CHAMBER - The Best 2003 (Roadrunner) good -
CORPORAL PUNISHMENT - Stonefield Of A Lifetime (Black Mark Production)
CORVUS CORAX - Cantus Buranus 2005 (Roadrunner) Digi CD+DVD запечатан
CORVUS CORAX - Cantus Buranus Live In Berlin 2006 (Roadrunner) like new накат диска в пятнах
CRACK UP - From The Ground (Nuclear Blast) like new
CRAMPS, THE - Bad Music For Bad People 1987 (A&M Records) very good+
CREST OF DARKNESS - Project Regeneration (Listenable) Digi like new
CRIES OF TAMMUZ - Dumuzi Awakens 1996 (Apollyon Records) very good+
CRIMSON GLORY - Crimson Glory (Roadrunner) like new
CRIMSON GLORY - Transcendence 1998 (Roadrunner) like new
CRIMSON MIDWINTER - Random Chaos (Black Mark) like new
CRISIS - The Hollowing 1997 (Metal Blade) good+
CROTCHDUSTER - Big Fat Box Of Shit (Earache)
CROWN OF AUTUMN - The Treasures Arcane (Elnor Prods.) Special plastic limited digi CD like new
CULT, THE - Choice Of Weapon 2012 (The Cult Recording) Digi book запечатан
CULTUS SANGUINE - Cultus Sanguine (Wounded Love Records) very good
CUSTARD - For My King (B.O. Records) like new
CYBELE - Brightly Blackhearted (Head Not Found) very good
D' PRIEST - Playa Del Rock 1990 (Noise) like new передник с надрезом
DAATH - The Hinderers 2007 (Roadrunner) like new
DAEMONARCH - Hermeticum (Century Media) like new
DAEONIA - Morphic Lands (Candlelight) like new
DAISY DOWN - Insane Dreams (Rock Machine) good
DAMNED, THE - Phantasmagoria 1985 (MCA Records) like new
DARK - Seduction 1997 (GUN) like new
DARK AT DAWN - Baneful Skies (Iron Glory Records) like new
DARKNESS, THE - Hot Cakes 2012 (Canary Dwarf) Digi like new
DARKSIDE - Melancholia Of A Dying World (System Shock) Digi
DAS ICH - Egodram 1998 (Edel) Digi like new
DAYLIGHT TORN - Death Alone From Live Can Save (CCP) like new
DAYS OF THE NEW - Days Of The New 2001 (Outpost Recordings/Geffen) Red jewel box like new
DE INFERNALI - Symphonia De In fernali (Nuclear Blast)
DEAD CAN DANCE - Spiritchaser (4AD) very good+
DEATH  ‎- Scream Bloody Gore (Century Media) Запечатан.DUFF McKAGAN - Believe In Me 1993 (Geffen) like new
DEATH ANGEL - Act III (Geffen Records)
Death Angel ‎– Relentless Retribution Nuclear Blast ‎– NB 2556-2, Nuclear Blast ‎– 27361 25562
DEATH SS - Do What Thou Wilt (B.O. Records)
DEATHSTARS - The Greatest Hits On Earth 2011 (Nuclear Blast) slip case like new
DEATHWITCH - Monumental Mutilations (Necropolis Records)
DECEMBER'S FIRE - Vae Victis (Last Epitaph)
DEEP PURPLE - Knocking At Your Back Door (Spectrum / PolyGram) very good
DEICIDE - The Best Of 2003 (Roadrunner) like new
DEINONYCHUS - After The Rain Falls An Empty Sky Remains 1996 (Guttural Records) like new (небольшие пятна на полиграфии)
DEINONYCHUS - Ark Of Thought 1997 (Supernal Music) Digi like new
DELLAMORTE - Uglier And More Disgusting 1997 (Kron / Osmose) like new
DESEKRATOR - Metal For Demons (Hammerheart) like new
DESTILLERY - Behind The Mask (Iron Glory Records) like new
DESTINY'S END - Breathe Deep The Dark (Metal Blade) like new
DEVIATE LADIES - Religious As Our Methods (Metal Horse) like new
DIABLERIE - Seraphyde 2001 (Avantgarde) Digi good+
DIABOLIQUE - The Green Goddess (Necropolis Records) good+
DIABOLIQUE - Wedding The Grotesque (Black Sun Records) like new
DIE KELLOX - ... Unter Schweinen (Nasty Vinyl) like new
DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN, THE - The Dillinger Escape Plan (Soyuz) very good+
DINK - Dink 1994 (Capitol) good
DINK - Green Mind 1995 (Capitol) very good
DIO - Strange Highways (Reprise Records) good-
DIRTY AMERICANS - Strange Generation 2003 (Roadrunner) like new
DISBELIEF - Infected (GSM) like new
DISGUST - A World Of No Beauty (Nuclear Blast) Digi
DISLOCATED STYLES - Pin The Tail On The Honkey (Roadrunner Records) like new
DISMAL EUPHONY - All Little Devils 1999 (Nuclear Blast) like new
DIVINE HERESY - Bleed The Faith (Roadrunner) very good+
DIVINE REGALE - Ocean Mind 1997 (Metal Blade) like new
DIVINE SIN - Thirteen Souls (Black Mark) very good+
DOMINANCE - Anthems Of Ancient Splendour 1999 (Scarlet/SPV) very good+
DOMINE - Champion Eternal (Dragonheart) CD - like new / Pack - на трее выломаны зубцы
DONNERPARTY - Food For Thought (Infamous Records) very good+
DORO - Raise Your Fist 2012 (Nuclear Blast) Digi book
DORO - Under My Skin 2012 (AFM Records) 2CD like new 
DORO & WARLOCK - Rare Diamonds 1991 (Vertigo) like new
DOUBLEDRIVE - Blue In The Face 2003 (Roadrunner) like new
DOWN THE SUN - Down The Sun 2002 (Roadrunner) very good+
DOWNER - Downer 2001 (Roadrunner) very good+
DR.DEATH - Somewhere In Nowhere (Rising Sun Records) Slipcase like new
DRAIN Sth - Freaks Of Nature 1999 (MVG Records) like new
DREADFUL SHADOWS - Buried Again 1997 (Nuclear Blast) Digi like new
DREAM THEATER - Falling Into Infinity 1997 (East West Records America) like new
DREAM THEATER - Systematic Chaos 2007 (Roadrunner) CD+DVD slip case CD - good / DVD - like new
DREAMTALE - Difference 2005 (Spinefarm) very good+
EBONY LAKE - On The Eve Of The Grimly Inventive 1999 (Cacophonous Records) like new
EISREGEN - Zerfall 1999 (Last Episode) good
ELECTRIC HELLFIRE CLUB, THE - Unholy roller 1998 (Cleopatra) Digi like new
ELEGEION - Odyssey Into Darkness 1997 (Candlelight) good (без царапин, пятна на накате диска)
ELEGY - Labirynth Of Dreams (T&T / Modern Music) like new
ELEGY - Lost 1995 (T&T) like new
ELEGY - Supremacy 1994 (T&T / Modern Music) like new
ELEND - Les Tenebres Du Dehors (Holy) Digi like new
ELIJAH'S MANTLE - Angels Of Perversity 1993 (De Nova Da Capo) like new
ELYSIAN FIELDS, THE - We...The Enlightened 1998 (Wicked World) like new
EM SINFONIA - Intimate Portrait (Hammerheart) Digi like new
EMBRACED - Within (Regain Records) Digi - good / CD - like new
EMF - Stigma 1992 (Parlophone) very good
EMINENZ - Anti-Genesis 1998 (Lat Episode) like new
EN GARDE - Comedia De L'Arte 1997 (Throne Productions) like new
ENGELSTAUB - Unholy (Apollyon) like new
ENS COGITANS - Re Vision 1999 (Seven Art Music) like new
ENTER SHIKARI - A Flash Flood Of Colour (Ambush Reality) Digi CD+DVD запечатан
ENTOMBED A.D.- Dead Dawn Century Media - 88875191672
ENTWINED - Dancing Under Glass (Earache) like new
EPICA - Requiem For The Indifferent (Nuclear Blast) Digi book good
ETERNAL AUTUMN - The Storm (Black Diamond) like new
ETERNE - Deadauthor (Candlelight) like new
ETERNE - Still Dreaming (Candlelight) very good
ETHER - Helleven 1995 (Rebel Records) very good+
EVEN VAST - Where The Tress Still Speak 1999 (Ars Metalli) like new
EVER EVE - Regret 1999 (Nuclear Blast) very good
EVERDAWN, THE - Poems Burn The Past 1997 (Invasion) like new
EVERY TIME I DIE - Gutter Phenomenon 2005 (Ferret) like new
EVERY TIME I DIE - Hot Damn 2004 (Ferret / Roadrunner) like new
EXCITER - The Dark Command 1997 (Osmose) like new
EXPULSION - Man Against (Godhead) like new
EXTREME NOISE TERROR - Damage 381 (Earache) like new
FAERGHAIL - Where Angels Dwell No More (LSP Company) very good+
FAITH NO MORE - The Real Thing (Globus International/London Records) very good+
FALCONER - Falconer 2001 (Metal Blade) like new
FEAR FACTORY - The Best Of 2003 (Roadrunner) like new
FEAR OF LIFE - Fear Of Life 1997 (T.A.R. Prods.) like new
FEBRUARY 93 - February 93 (Solistitium) very good
FIFTH REASON - Psychotic 1997 (Heathen-doom Music) Digi like new
FIGHT - A Small Deadly Space 1995 (Sony Music) good - - - -
FINGER ELEVEN - Finger Eleven 2003 (Wing-up Records) like new
FINNTROLL - Nattfodd 2004 (Spikefarm) very good+
FISTBORN EVIL - Rebirth Of Evil 1998 (Guardians Of Metal) very good+
FIVE POINTE O - Untitled 2002 (Roadrunner) very good+
FLOBOTS - Fight With Tools 2008 (Universal) like new
FLOWING TEARS - Jade 2000 (Century Media) Digi - сломан зубчик на трее / CD - very good+
FLOWING TEARS & WITHERED FLOWERS - Swansongs (Seven Art Music) very good
FORGOTTEN SILENCE - Thots (Metal Age Prods.) good - - - 
FREEDOM CALL - Land Of The Crimson Dawn 2012 (Steamhammer) Digi 2CD запечатан
FRONT 242 - Mut@ge.Mix@ge 1995 Compilation (Red Rhino Europe) like new
FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY - FLAvour Of The Weak 1997 (Off Beat / SPV) very good+
FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY - Gashed Senses & Crossfire 1989 (Roadrunner) very good+
FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY - Hard Wired 1995 (Off Beat / SPV) very good+
FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY - Millennium 1994 (Roadrunner) запечатан
FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY - Reclamation 1997 (Roadrunner Records) very good+
FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY - Reclamation 1997 (Roadrunner) like new
FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY - Tactical Neural Implant 1992 (Third Mind Records) like new
FUDGE TUNNEL - Teeth EP 1992 (Relativity) good
GANG GREEN - You Got It / Older 2003 (Roadrunner) like new
GARDEN OF DELIGHT, THE - Scheoul 1996 (Dion Fortune Records) like new
GARDEN OF DELIGHT, THE - Symbol And Vision 1995 (Dion Fortune Records) Digi good
GARDENIAN - Sindustries 2000 (Nuclear Blast) like new
GARDENIAN - Soulburner 1999 (Nuclear Blast) like new
GARDENIAN - Two Feet Stand (Listenable Records) very good
GARY MOORE - After Hourse 1992 (Virgin Records) good - - - 
GBH - Celebrity Life Style 1996 (Cleopatra) like new
GEHENNA - Deadlights (Moonfog) [slim single box] like new
GIANTS CAUSEWAY - Distination: Insecure (Serenades) Digi very good+
GIANTS CAUSEWAY - Is There Any Way 1995 (IRS) like new
GLADIATORS - Bound To Steel (Point Music) like new
GLASSJAW - Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Silence 2000 (Roadrunner) like new
GLOOMY GRIM - Blood, Monsters, Darkness (Holy) Slipcase like new
GLOOMY GRIM - Reborn Through Hate (Holy) [slim single box] like new
GODKILLER - Deliverance (Wonded Love records) very good+
GODS OF EMPTINESS - Disobedience (Perverted Taste) like new
GOLGOTHA - Elemental Changes (Repulse Records) like new
GOO GOO DOLLS - A Boy Named Goo 1995 (Warner Bros. Records / Metal Blade) like new
GOO GOO DOLLS - Hold Me Up 1990 (Metal Blade) like new
GOO GOO DOLLS - Superstar Car Wash 1993 (Warner Bros. Records / Metal Blade) like new
GOTHIC SEX - Moonrise (Ausfahrt Records) like new
GOTTHARD - Domino Effect (Nuclear Blast) like new
GOTTHARD - Firebirth 2012 (Nuclear Blast) Digi very good+
GOTTHARD - Frosted (BMG) like new
GRABESMOND - Mordenheim (Draenor Productions) like new
GRAVEYARD RODEO - Sowing Discord In The Haunts Of Man (Century Media) promo CD very good+
GRAVITY KILLS - Guilty 1996 (TVT Records) [Single slim box] like new
GREEN DAY - Dookie 1994 (Reprise) very good+
GREEN JELLY - Cereal killer Soundtrack 1993 (Zoo Entertainment / BMG) very good
GROPE - Primates 1994 (RRS / PPI) like new
GROPE - The Fury (Diehard) 2CD very good+
GWAR - America Must Be Destroyed 1992 (Metal Blade) very good
GWAR - Carnival Of Chaos 1997 (Metal Blade) like new
GWAR - Scumdogs Of The Universe 1994 (Metal Blade) very good
HADES ALMIGHTY - Millenium Nocturne (Hammerheart) like new
HAGALAZ' RUNEDANCE - The Winds That Sang Of Midgard's Fate (Elfenblut) like new
HAGALAZ' RUNEDANCE - Ur-That Which Was (Well Of Urd) like new
HAMMERFALL - Infected 2011 (Nuclear Blast) Slipcase like new
HARTER ATTACK - Human Hell 1990 (I.R.S. Metal / Metalcore Records) very good
HATE SQUAD - Iq-Zero 1995 (GUN) like new
HATEBREED - The Divinity Of Purpose (Nuclear Blast) like new
H-BLOCKX - Discover My Soul 1996 (BMG) very good
H-BLOCKX - Fly Eyes 1998 (BMG) like new
HEAD CRASH - Direction Of Correctness 1994 (Eastwest Records) very good
HEADCRASH - Direction Of Correctness 1994 (Autarc) very good
HEADLOCK - It Found Me (Pavement) like new
HEAVEN 'N' HELL - Sleeping With Angels 2003 (Spinefarm Records) like new
HEAVENSHORE - Between Human And Divine (Repulse) good+
HEFEYSTOS - Psycho Cafe (Wounded Love) very good
HEIDENREICH - A Death Gate Cycle (Napalm) like new
HERMH - Angeldemon (Pagan Records) very good+
HERMH - Taran (Last Epitaph Prods.) like new
HIMINBJORG - Third (Red Stream) like new
HIN ONDE - Songs Of Battle (Aftermath Music) like new
HOLLOW - Modern Cathedral 1998 (Nuclear Blast) like new
HOPESFALL - A Types 2004 (Roadrunner) like new
HOPESFALL - The Satellite Years 2002 (Roadrunner) like new
HUMAN CLAY - U4ia 1997 (Good Luck Charm Productions) very good+
IGGY POP - Naughty Little Doggie (Virgin) very good
IMPALED NAZARENE - Rapture (Osmose) like new
IMPENDING DOOM - Signum of Hate (Perverted Taste) like new
IMPERIAL - Aux Crepuscule (Osmose) like new
IMPRESSIONS OF WINTER - Deceptive Springs And Fading Landscapes (Spirit Production) like new
IMPULSE MANSLAUGHTER - Logical End & He Who Laughs Last... Laughs Alone (Nuclear Blast) Digi like new/CD - good
IN EXTREMO - Sangerkrieg 2008 (Universal) like new
IN EXTREMO - Sterneneisen 2011 (Universal) like new
IN SOLITUDE - Eternal (Independent Records) good
INANNA UNVEILED - s/t 1998 (Solistitium Records) Digi very good+
INCUBATOR - Hirnnectar (Steamhammer) like new
INJECTED - Burn It Black (Island) Digi like new
INKUBUS SUKKUBUS - Away Wth The Faeries (Resurrection Records) very good+
INKUBUS SUKKUBUS - Belladonna & Aconite (Resurrection Records) very good
INKUBUS SUKKUBUS - Vampire Erotica (Resurrection Records) very good+/ like new
INNER SHRINE - Nocturnal Rhymes Entangled In Silence (Dragonheart) Digi very good+
INRUINS - Four Seasons Of Grey 1998 (Metal Blade) like new
IRON MAIDEN - A CALL TO IRONS 2 - A Tribute To Iron Maiden 1999 (Dwell Records) like new
IRON MAIDEN - SLAVE TO THE POWER - The Iron Maiden Tribute 2000 (Meteor City) very good
ISACAARUM - Die Verwantlung (Leviathan Records) like new
JANE'S ADDICTION - Nothing's Shocking 1988 (Warner Bros.) very good+
JERRY CANTRELL - Boggy Depot 1998 (Sony) like new
JERUSALEM SYNDROME - The Book Of Days (Apollyon) very good+
JETHRO TULL - Aqualung Live 2005 (R&M Records) like new
JOE SATRIANI - Dreaming #11 (Relativity) very good+
JOHNNY CASH - The Best Of [The Millennium Collection] 2002 (Mercury Records/Universal Music) Digi like new
KAISER CHIEFS - Employment (B-Unique) very good+
KAISER CHIEFS - Your Truly, Angry Mob 2007 (B-Unique Records) super box very good+ 
KEMET - Dying With Elegance (Deadsun Records) good ----
KEMURI - [Senka-Senrui] 2000 (Roadrunner) very good+
KEMURI - 77 Days 1999 (Roadrunner) like new
KEMURI - Emotivation 2001 (Roadrunner) very good+
KEMURI - Little Playmate 1997 (Roadrunner) very good+
KILLSWITCH ENGAGE - As Daylight Dies (Roadrunner Records) like new
KING DIAMOND - Abigail (Roadrunner) good ----
KING DIAMOND - Conspiracy (Roadrunner) good ----
KING DIAMOND - The Best Of 2003 (Roadrunner) like new
KING DIAMOND - The Best Of KING DIAMOND 2003 (Roadrunner) like new
KING DIAMOND - Tribute (Necropolis Records) like new
KINGDOM COME - In Your Face 1989 (Polygram) like new
KISS - KISS MY ASS - Classic KISS Regrooved 1994 (Polygram) like new
KONG - Earmined (Roadrunner) like new
KOROVA - Dead Like An Angel 1998 (Napalm) like new
KOROVA KILL - Water Hells (Red Stream) very good+
KOVENANT, THE - Anomatronic (Nuclear Blast) Slipcase like new
KREATOR - Hordes Of Chaos (Soyuz)
KRISIUN - Black Force Domain (GUN Records) very good+
KUNGFU - Kungfu 2002 (Island Records)
L.O.V. SECONDHAND - Fraction Of Faith 1997 (EFA) very good+
L7 - Slap-Happy (Wax Tadpole Records) very good+
LABERTINO - Freakeao 1998 (Mascot Records) like new
LABYRINTH - Return To Heaven Denied (Metal Blade) like new
LABYRINTH - Timeless Crime (Metal Blade) like new
LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE - Memorandum (Napalm Records) like new
LACUNA COIL - Lacuna Coil EP (Century Media Records) like new
L'AME IMMORTELLE - ...In Einer Zukunft Aus Tränen Und Stahl (Divension Christine) like new
LAST DANCE, THE - Staring At The Sky 1998 (Apollyon) like new
LEAD, THE - Burn This Record (R.E.X. Music) very good+
LEFT HAND SOLUTION - Fevered (Nuclear Blast) like new
LIFE OF AGONY - The Best Of 2003 (Roadrunner) like new
LIFER - Lifer 2001 (Universal Records) like new
LIONSHEART - Under Fire 1998 (Music For Nations) good+
LIVE - Birds Of Prey 2003 (Radioactive Records) like new
LIVE - Mental Jwelry 1991 (Radioactive Records) like new
LIVE - Sectet Samadhi 1997 (Radioactive Records) like new
LIVE - The Distance To Here 1999 (Radioactive Records) like new
LIVE - Throwing Copper 1994 (Radioactive Records) like new
LORDS OF THE STONE - Nightflowers (Massacre Records)
LOST BREED - Save Yourself 1994 (Hellhound Records) like new
LOST IN MISERY - Carousel Of Memories (Hammerheart) like new
LOST PROPHETS - Start Something 2004 (Visible Noise Limited) like new
LOSTSOULS - Closeyoureyesanditwonthurt 1996 (Roadrunner) like new
LOSTSOULS - Fracture 1998 (Nuclear Blast) like new
LUCA TURILLI - King Of The Nordic Twilight 1999 (SPV) Digi book like new!
MACBETH - Romantic Tragedies Crescendo (Dragonheart)
Machine Head ‎– The Burning Red Roadrunner Records ‎– RR 8651-2
MACHINE HEAD - Through The Ashes Of Empire 2003 (Roadrunner) like new
MAD SIN - ...Sweet & Innocent? ....Loud & Dirty (Polygram Records) good
MADBALL - The Best 2003 (Roadrunner) good ------
MADINA LAKE - From Them, Through Us, To You (Roadrunner Records) like new
MAGELLAN - Hundred Year Blood 2002 (Roadrunner) 
MAGNETITUDE 9 - Chaos To Control 1998 (Inside Out Music) like new
MAGNUM - The Visitation 2011 (Steamhammer) Digi CD+DVD запечатан
MALFORMED EARTHBORN - Defiance Of The Ugly By The Merely Repulsive 1995 (Release Entertainment) like new
MALHAVOK - Premediated Murder 1992 (Metal Blade) like new
MANOWAR “The Lord Of Steel (Hammer Edition)” Magic Circle Entertainment ‎– MCA 01247-2
MARDUK - Glorification (Osmose) like new
MARDUK - Infernal Eternal (Blooddawn Productions) 2CD like new
MARILYN MANSON - Get Your Gunn (Nothing/Interscope) [Single] like new
MARILYN MANSON - The Beautiful People (EP) 5'' Single box
MARILYN MANSON - The Fight Song 2001 (Interscope Records) single slim box very good+
MARILYN MANSON - The Pale Emperor (Universal) like new
MATUTINA NOCTEM - Anima Meam (Adipocere Records)
MEAT LOAF - 3 Bats Live 2007 (Mercury) very good
MEAT LOAF - Bat Out Of Hell III The Monster Is Loose (Mercury) Super jewel box very good+
MENTAL CRYPT - Extreme Unction (Black Mark) like new
MENTAL DESTRUCTION - When Madness Strikes 1995 (Cold Meat Industry) very good+
MEPHISTOPHELES - Songs Of The Desolate Ones (Last Episode)
MERCYFUL FATE - The Best 2003 (Roadrunner Records) good ------
MERLONS OF NAHEMAH - Cantoney (Magna Carta) good ----
MERLONS OF NAHEMAH - Eluoami (EFA) like new
MERLONS, THE - Sinn Licht (Lawine / BMG) like new
MERLONS, THE - Water Naked Nature (EFA) very good+
METAL CHURCH - Live 1998 (Steamhammer) like new
METALLICA - Hardwired...To Self-Destruct (Blackened Recordings) 2CD Digi запечатан
METALLICA - Kill 'Em All (Vertigo/Phonogram) 838 142-2 very good
METALLICA - Reload (Elektra)
MICHAEL KISKE - Instant Clarity 1996 (Raw Power) very good+
MICHAEL KNIGHT - Dreamscapes (KM Records) very good
MIDNIGHT OIL - 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 (Sony Music) like new
MIDNIGHT OIL - 20,000 Watt R.S.L. (Columbia) like new
MIDNIGHT OIL - Blue Sky Mining (CBS) very good+
MIDNIGHT OIL - Diesel And Dust (Columbia) like new
MIDNIGHT OIL - Earth And Sun And Moon (Columbia) very good
MIDNIGHT OIL - Head Injuries (Sony Music) like new
MIDNIGHT OIL - Midnight Oil (CBS, Columbia, Sprint Music) like new
MIDNIGHT OIL - Place Without A Postcard (Columbia) like new
MIDNIGHT OIL - Red Sails In The Sunset (CBS) like new
MIDNIGHT OIL - Scream In Blue - Live (Columbia) good
MIDNIGHT OIL - What's So Funny About Peace, Love And Understanding (CBS) like new
MILK AND BLOOD - Milk And Blood 1997 (Steam hammer)
MIND FUNK - Mind Funk 1991 (Sony / Epic) like new
MINDROT - Soul 1998 (Relapse) like new
MISERY LOVES Co. - Misery Loves Co. 1995 (Earache) like new
MISERY LOVES Co. - Not Like Them 1997 (Earache) very good+
MISFITS - Cuts From The Crypt 1996-2001 (Roadrunner Records) good+
MISFITS - Famous Monsters (Roadrunner Records) like new
MIST OF AVALON - Mist Of Avalon 1998 (M&A Music Art) like new
MOBILE MOB FREAKSHOW, THE - Deathtrip 2000 (Noxious) like new
MONSTER VOODOO MACHINE - State Voodoo / State Control 1994 (BMG Music) like new
MOONCHILD - T.H.I.R.D. 1996 (Blank Your Mind) like new
MOONSPELL - Sin / Pecado (Century Media) запечатан
Morbid Angel ‎– Kingdoms Disdained Silver Lining Music ‎– SLM071P18, Silver Lining Music ‎– 0190296942310
MORDETH - Lux In Tenebris / Dimensu (Rock Machine) good ----
MORGANA LEFAY - Fata Morgana (Black Mark) like new
MORS SYPHILITICA - Mors Syphilitica 1996 (Sacrum Torch)very good+
MORTALITY - Structure (Warhead Records) very good+
MORTIFICATION - Triumph Of Mercy (Predation) like new
MORTUS - The Beat Of Geed (CCP Records) like new
MOST PRECIOUS BLOOD - Merciless 2005 (Trustkill / Roadrunner) like new
MOST PRECIOUS BLOOD - Our Lady Of Annihillation 2003 (Trustkill / Roadrunner) like new
MOTHER HIPS, THE - Part-Timer Goes Full (American Recordings) like new
MOTHER'S ARMY - Planet Earth 1998 (USG Records) like new
MOTLEY CRUE - Too Fast For Love 1982 (Elektra) like new
MUCKY PUP - Five Guys In A Really Hot Garage 1995 (SPV) like new
MUNDANUS IMPERIUM - The Spectral Spheres Coronation (Nuclear Blast) like new
MURDER RAPE - ... And Evil Returns (Evil Horde Records) like new
MUTANTS, THE - Voodoo Blues 2003 (Spinefarm Records) like new
MY INSANITY - Still Dreams In Violent Areas 1998 (Parallel Union Records) like new
MY OWN VICTIM - The Weapon 1998 (Kingfisher) like new
MYSTIC CIRCLE - Drachenblut (Last Episode)
MYSTIC CIRCLE - Infernal Satanic Verses (Last Episode)
MYSTIC CIRCLE - The Great Beast 2001 (Massacre records) Digi like new
MYTHOLOGICAL COLD TOWER - Remoti Meridiani Hymni - Towards The Magnificent Realm Of The Sun (Somber Music) like new
NAEVUS - Sun Meditation 1998 (Rise Above Records) like new
NAILBOMB - Proud To Commit Commercial Suicide 1995 (Roadrunner) very good+
NARNIA - Awakening 1998 (Nuclear Blast) like new
NARNIA - Long Live The King 1999 (Nuclear Blast) like new
NASTASEE - Ule Tide 1998 (World 3095 Records) like new
NECROFEAST - Necrofeast 1996 (C.N.M.) like new
NECROMANTIA - IV Malice (Black Lotus) very good
NECROSIST - Lost Time's (AFM Records) like new
NEGATIVE - Sweet & Deceitful 2003 (Roadrunner) like new
NEUROSIS - Times Of Grace 1998 (Music For Nations) very good+
NEVADA TAN - Niemand Hort Dich 2007 (Universal) super box like new
NEW EDEN - Obscure Master Plan 1999 (Nuclear Blast) like new
NEW YORK DOLLS - One Day It Will Please Us... 2006 (Roadrunner) like new
NI HAO - Full-Born (DSFA Records) like new
NIGHT IN GALES - Necrodynamic 2001 (Massacre Records) like new
NIGHT IN GALES - Sylphlike 1995 (Self-released) very good
NIGHT IN GALES - Thunderbeast (Nuclear Blast) like new
NIGHTFALL - Diva Futura 1999 (Holy Records) very good+
NIGHTFALL - Electronegative 1999 (Holy Records) good
NIGHTFALL - Lesbian Show 1997 (Holy Records) like new
NIGHTSKY BEQUEST - Keep The Lonely Trees 1997 (Counter Attack Prods.) like new
NIGHTWISH - The Crow. The Owl And The Dove 2012 (Nuclear Blast) Digi запечатан
NIRVANA - Nevermind (Geffen Records) like new
NIRVANA - Sliver The Best Of The Box (Geffen Records) like new
NOCTURNAL BREED - Triumph Of The Blasphemer (Hammerheart) like new
NOCTURNAL RITES - The Sacred Talisman (Century Media) like new
NON - SERVIAM - Between Light And Darkness (Invasion) like new
NONPOINT - Development 2002 (MCA Records) like new
NORTH / SACRILEGIUM - Jesienne Szepty (The Autumn Whispers) Split CD 1996 (Black Arts) very good+
OCEANS OF SADNESS - For We Are (The LSP Company) like new
OCTOBER 31 - The Fire Awaits You (RIP Records) very good+
ODES OF ECSTASY - Embossed Dream In Four Acts (The End Records) like new
OLEMUS - Bitter Tears (NSM Records) like new
ON THORNS I LAY - Orama (Holy) Digi like new
ONE MINUTE SILENCE - Available In All Colours 1998 (Big Cat Records) good+
ONE MINUTE SILENCE - By Now ... Saved Later 2000 (V2 Reocrds) good+
ORANGE GOBLIN - Frequencies From The Planet Ten 1997 (Rise Above) like new
ORDO EQUILIBRIO - Conquest, Love & Self Perseverance (Cold Meat Industry) like new
ORDO EQUILIBRIO - Reaping The Fallen... The First Harvest (Cold Meat Industry) very good+
ORDO EQUILIBRIO - The Triumph Of Light... And Thy Thirteen Shadows Of Love (Cold Meat Industry) like new
ORDO EQUITUM SOLIS - Hecate (Project) like new
ORIGINAL PISTOLS, THE - The Original Pistols Live 1996 (Hellmark) like new
OST - Freddy vs. Jason 2003 (Roadrunner) like new
OST - House Of 1000 Corpses 2003 (Geffen) very good+
OST - Resident Evil 2002 (Roadrunner) good
OST - Resident Evil: Apocalypse 2004 (Roadrunner) like new
OST - Saw 2004 (Artists Addiction Records / Roadrunner) like new
OST - The Omen Jerry Goldsmith 1976 (Varese Sarabande) like new
OST - The Texas Chainsaw Massacre - The Album 2003 (DRT Enterprises) like new
OXIPLEGATZ - Sidereal Journey (Season Of Mist) Digi like new
OXIPLEGATZ - Worlds And Worlds (Season Of Mist) like new
OZZ FEST LIVE - 1997 (Ozz Records) special 3D box very good+
OZZY OSBOURNE - Bark At The Moon 2002 (Sony) very good
OZZY OSBOURNE - Black Rain (Sony / Epic) like new
OZZY OSBOURNE - Down To The Earth 2001 (Sony) very good
OZZY OSBOURNE - Just Say Ozzy 1995 (Sony) like new
OZZY OSBOURNE - Speak Of The Devil (Sony / Epic) Запечатан
P.ISSING RAZORS - Pissing Razors 1998 (Modern Music / Maldoror Wintrup)
PADDY GOES TO HOLYHEAD - E.&O.E. (Holyhead Records) very good+
PAIN OF SALVATION - One Hour By The Concrete Lake 1998 (Inside Out Music, SPV GmbH) very good+
PAPA ROACH - Gettin Away With Murder (Geffen) very good
PARAGON OF BEAUTY - The Spring (Prophecy Productions) very good
PAW - Dragline 1993 (A&M Records) good
PAZUZU - Awaken The Dragon (DMR) like new
PAZUZU - The End Of Ages (Avantgarde) like new
PEGAZUS - Breaking The Chains (Nuclear Blast) Digi like new
PENETRALIA - Carpe Noctem 1999 (Last Episode) like new
PENITENT - As Life Fades Away (Draenor Productions) like new
PENTAGRAM, THE - Anatolia 1997 (Century Media) like new
PENUMBRA - Emanate 1999 (Serenades Records) very good+
PERKELE - Erotic Circus (Hammerheart) very good+
PETTALOM - The Wine Of The Night (Demise Records0 like new
PITCHSHIFTER - Deviant (MCA) like new
PITCHSHIFTER - www.pitchshifter.com 1998 (Geffen) good
POISON - Swallow This Live (Capitol Records) Special 2CD box like new бокс имеет потёртости
POISON THE WELL - Tear From The Red 2002 (Roadrunner) like new
POISON THE WELL - The Opposite Of December (Roadrunner) like new
POSSESSED - Beyond The Gates / The Eyes Of Horror (Century Media) like new
POSSESSED - Seven Churches (Century Media) very good+
PRAXIS - Metatron (Subharmonic) like new
PRAXIS - Sacrifist (Subharmonic) very good+
PRAXIS - Transmutation (Mutatis Mutandis) (Axiom) like new
PRETTY MAIDS - First Cuts ... And Then Some 1999 (Massacre) Slipcase like new
PRETTY MAIDS - Sin-Decade 1992 (Sony) like new
PRETTY MAIDS - Stripped 1983 (Sony) like new
PRIME TIME - The Unknown 1998 (Rising Sun Productions) like new
PRIMER 55 - (The) New Release 2001 (Island / Def Jam) very good+
PRIMER 55 - Introduction To Mayhem 2000 (Island / Def Jam) [Clean version] very good+
PRIMUS - Rhinoplasty (Interscope Records) very good ++
PROMETHEAN - Gazing The Invisible (Avantgarde) very good
PROMETHEAN - Somber Regards (Avantgarde) like new
PRONG - Prove You Wrong 1991 (Sony / Epic) very good+
PSYCHEDELIC FURS, THE - All Of This And Nothing (Sony / CBS) very good
PSYCHEDELIC FURS, THE - World Outside 1991 (Warner Music / Columbia) very good
PUDDLE OF MUDD - Control [Single] (Geffen) Single slim box like new
PUDDLE OF MUDD - She Hates Me [Single] (Flawless / Geffen) Single slim box like new
PURGED - Form Of Release 1996 (Metal Blade) very good+
PUYA - Union 2001 (MCA) very good+
QUEEN - A Tribute To QUEEN - Dragon Attack 1996 (De Rock Records) like new
Queens Of The Stone Age ‎– Lullabies To Paralyze Interscope Records ‎– 0602498802960, Rekords Rekords ‎– 0602498802960
QUEENSRYCHE - Promise Land 1994 (EMI) very good
R.E.M. - Up 1998 (Warner Bros.) very good+
RADAKKA - Requiem For The Innocent (Century Media) like new
RAGNAROK (UK) - To Mend The Oaken Heart (Neat Metal Records0 like new
RAISM - The Very Best Of Pain (Osmose) Digi like new
RAMMSTEIN - Made In Germany 1995-2011 (Universal) 2CD digi запечатан
RAMONES - Acid Eaters 1994 (Radioactive Records) like new
RAMONES - Blitzkrieg Over You! A Tribute To The Ramones (Nasty Vinyl) like new
RAMONES - We're Outta Here! 1997 (Radioactive Records) like new
RANCID - Life Won't Wait (Epitaph) Digi like new
RAVENTHRONE - Malice In Wonderland 1998 (Avantgarde) like new
REAMONN - Beautiful Sky (Winter Edition) 2003 (Virgin) Digi 2CD like new
REAMONN - Raise Your Hands 2004 (Virgin) like new
REAMONN - Tuesday (Virgin) like new
RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS - Greatest Hits 1994 (CEMA Special Markets/EMI) like new
REQUIEM IN WHITE - Of The Want Infinite (First Communion Music) very good+
RHAPSODY - Emerald Sword 1998 (SPV) Limited edition single shape-CD like new
RHAPSODY - Legendary Tales 1997 (SPV) like new
RHAPSODY - Symphony Of Enchanted Lands 1998 (SPV) LIKE NEW
RICHTHOFEN - Seelenwalzer 1997 (GUN) very good
RISE AGAINST - Appeal To Reason (DGC Records) super box very good
ROCKET SUMMER, THE - Do You Feel 2007(Island) very good+
ROK - This Is Satanic (Osmose) very good+
RONNIE WOOD - I Feel Like Playing 2010 (Eagle Records) very good+
ROTTING CHRIST - A Dead Poem (Century Media) 2CD good+
ROTTING CHRIST - Khronos 2000 (Century Media) like new
ROTTING CHRIST - Sleep Of The Angels (Century Media) 2CD like new
ROUGH SILK - Roots Of Hate 1997 (Massacre Records) like new
ROYAL HUNT - Show Me How To Live 2011 (Frontiers Records) Запечатан
RYKER'S – Life's A Gamble ... So Is Death (Century Media) like new
S.O.D. - Live At Budokan (Megaforece Records / Steamhammer) like new
SABATON - Carolus Rex 2012 (Nuclear Blast) Digi book 2CD 1st - like new / 2 - very good
SACRED REICH - Heal 1996 (Attic/Metal Blade) like new
SACRED STEEL - Reborn In Steel 1997 (Metal Blade) like new
SACRED STEEL - Wargods Of Metal 1998 (Metal Blade) like new
SACRED SYSTEM - Chapter One. Book Of Entrance (Reachout International Records)
SADUS - Chronicles Of Chaos (Mascot) very good+
SADUS - Elements Of Anger (Mascot Records) like new
SAGA - 20/20 (Edel) CD+DVD Digi Запечатан
SALIVA - Back Into Your System 2002 (Island) like new
SALIVA - Blood Stained Love Story 2007 (Island) like new
SALIVA - Every Six Seconds 2001 (Island) like new
SALIVA - Survival Of The Sickest 2004 (Island) like new
SANCTITY - Road To Bloodshed 2007 (Roadrunner) very good+
SANCTUM - Lupus In Fabula 1996 (Cold Meat Industry) like new
SANGUIS ET CINIS - Amnesia (Trinity) like new
SANGUIS ET CINIS - Schicksal (M.O.S. Records) Digi with poster like new
SANGUIS ET CINIS - Unfreiwillig Abstrakt (M.O.S. Records) Digi like new
SANVOISEN - Soul Seasons 1997 (Modern Music) like new
SAVATAGE - From The Gutter To The Stage (Edel) 2CD very good
SAVATAGE - Gutter Ballet 2011 (Edel) Digi like new
SAVATAGE - Streets 2011 (Edel) Digi like new
SAVATAGE - The Wake Of Magellan 1997 (Edel) like new
SCARCE - Deadsexy 1996 (A&M Records) Promo CD very good+
SCARLET - Cult Classic tm 2004 (Ferret / Roadrunner) very good+
SCHEITAN - Nemesis 1999 (Century Media) 
SCORPIONS - Fly To The Rainbow 1983 (RCA) good -----
SCREW - Angel Seed XXIII (Metal Blade) like new
SCREW - Shadow Of Doubt (Metal Blade) like new
SCULPTURE - Sculpture 1999 (Nuclear Blast) like new
SECRET DISCOVERY - A Question Of Time (GUN) like new
SECRET DISCOVERY - Slave 1997 (GUN) like new
SECRET DISCOVERY - The Final Chapter 1999 (GUN) like new
SENTENCED - Greatest Kills (Century Media) like new
SENTENCED - Love & Death (Century Media) Digi very good
SENTENCED - Shadow Of The Past (Century Media) like new
SEPTIC CEMETERY - Shattered 2000 (CCP Records) very good+
SEPTIC FLESH - The Great Mass (Season Of Mist) like new
SERENADE - The 28th Parallel (Deviation Records) very good
SERENITY - Breathing Deamons (Holy) Digi like new
SERENITY - Then Come Silence (Holy) like new
SERPENT - In The Garden Of Serpent 1996 (Radiation Records) very good+
SEVENDUST - Animosity 2001 (TVT Records) like new
SEX PISTOLS, THE - The Studio Collection 1993 (Dojo Ltd) very good+
SHADOW PROJECT - Dreams For The Dying 1998 (Apollyon) like new
SHADOWLAND - Mad As A Hatter 1996 (Verglas Music) good+
SHADOWLAND - Ring Of Roses 1992 (Verglas Music) very good
SHADOWS FALL - Threads Of Life 2007 (Roadrunner) like new
SHELTER - Beyond Planet Earth 1997 (Roadrunner) like new
SHIVA - Oracle Morte 1996 (Witchhunt Records) like new
SID VICIOUS - Sid Sings 1989 (Virgin Records) like new
SIEBENBURGEN - Grimjaur (Napalm) like new
SINERGY - Beware The Heavens 1999 (Nuclear Blast) like new [ фиолетовый бокс]
SINISTER FOOTWEAR - Be Me You (DSFA) very good+
SINNER - One Bullet Left 2011 (AFM Records) Digi запечатан
SINNER - The Nature Of Evil 1998 (Nuclear Blast) 2CD like new
SINS OF THY BELOVED, THE - Lake Of Sorrow (Napalm Records)
SIX FEET UNDER - Alive And Dead (Metal Blade)
SKIN - Experience Electric 1997 (Snapper Music) very good+
SKIN CHAMBER - Trial (Roadrunner) very good
SKOLD - Skold 1996 (RCA) good+
SKYMNING - Stormchoirs (Invasion Records) like new
SLAVE MASTER - Under The Six 1994 (Polystar Company) very good
SLIPKNOT - Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses) (Roadrunner) like new
SMASH MOUTH - Fush Yu Mang 1997 (Interscope Records) like new
SNAUT - Polvos De Odio (CM Records) like new
SNOT - Get Some 1997 (Geffen) like new
SOL INVICTUS - The Killing Tide (Tursa) very good+
SONIC YOUTH - Confusion In Sex 1983 (Geffen Records) like new
SONIC YOUTH - Evol 1986 (Geffen Records) very good+
SONIC YOUTH - Washing Machine 1995 (Geffen Records) like new
SOUL ASYLUM - Let Your Dim Light Shine 1995 (Sony/Columbia) like new
SOULFLY - Dark Ages 2005 (Roadrunner) very good
SOULGRIND - Kalma (Holy) like new
SOULGRIND - Soulgrind (MMI Records) good+
SOULGRIND - Whitsongs (Icarus Music) very good
SOUNDGARDEN - A-Sides 1997 (A&M Records) like new
SOUNDGARDEN - Louder Than Love 1989 (A&M Records) very good+
SOUNDGARDEN - Screaming Life / Fopp 1990 (Sub Pop Records) like new
SOUNDGARDEN - Superunknown 1994 (A&M Records) like new
SOUNDQUAKE SYSTEM - A Firm Statement 1998 (Black Mark) good
SPARTA - Wiretap Scars 2002 (Dreamworks Records) like new
SPOIL BLEEDS BLACK, THE - March Of The Infidels (Draenor Productions) Digi very good
SSS - Short Sharp Shock 2007 (Earache) like new
STAHLMANN - Quecksilber 2012 (AFM Records) Digi like new
STATUS QUO - A Few Bars More (Phonogram / Spectrum Music) very good+
STATUS QUO - Bula Quo! 2013 (Fourth Chord Records Limited) 2CD like new
STEEL PROPHET - Dark Hallucinations (Nuclear Blast) like new
STEEL PROPHET - Messiah 2000 (Nuclear Blast) like new
STEP KINGS, THE - Let's Get It On 1999 (Roadrunner) very good+
STEVE VAI - Flex-Able Leftovers 1998 (Sony) like new
STEVE VAI - The Story Of Light... (Favored Nations) like new
STICK - Heavy Bag 1993 (Arista Records) good+
STIGMATA IV - Solum Mente Infirmis 1998 (Noise Records) like new
STILL REMAINS - Of Love And Lunacy 2005 (Roadrunner) like new
STILL REMAINS - The Serpent 2007 (Roadrunner) good -
STILLE VOLK - [Ex-uvies] (Holy) very good
STONE TEMPLE PILOTS - #4 1999 (Atlantic) like new
STONE TEMPLE PILOTS - Core 1992 (Atlantic) like new
STONE TEMPLE PILOTS - Stone Temple Pilots 1994 (Atlantic) like new
STONE TEMPLE PILOTS - Tiny Music ... Songs From The Vatican Gift Shop 1996 (Atlantic) like new
STRANGLERS, THE - Norfolk Coast 2004 (Roadrunner) like new
STRAPPING YOUNG LAD - City 1997 (Century Media) like new
STRAPPING YOUNG LAD - No Sleep Till Bedtime (Live In Austria) 1998 (Century Media) like new
STRATOVARIUS - Stratovarius 2005 (Sanctuary Records) Digi запечатан
STRATOVARIUS - Twilight Time 1994 (T&T) like new
STRATOVARIUS - Visions Of Europe 1998 (T&T) 2CD like new
STRONG DEFORMITY - Power Of Pain... 1996 (NSM Records / COM) like new
SUBZERO - Happiness Without Peace (Century Media) like new
SUCCESS WILL WRITE APOCALYPSE ACROSS THE SKY - The Grand Partition And The Abrogation Of Idolatry (Nuclear Blast) like new
SUCH A SURGE - Der Surge Effekt 2000 (Sony) Digi good
SUIDAKRA - Book Of Dowth 2011 (AFM Records) Digi like new
SUM 41 - Does This Look Infected 2002 (Island) CD+DVD like new
SUM 41 Still Waiting (Island) Single slim box like new
SUNDOWN - Design 19 (Century Media) Digi good (пятна на накате диска)
SUNDOWN - Glimmer (Century Media) Digi very good
SUP - Room Seven (Holy) good -
SUP - The Cube (Holy) good -
SUPERTRAMP, THE - Anthology Retrospectacle 2005 (A&M Records) like new
SYGNET, THE - Children Of The Future 1998 (Golden Core) like new
SYMPHONY X - Twilight In Olympus 1998 (Inside Out Music) like new
TAMMUZ - Yezida (Apollyon) very good+
TANKARD - R.I.B. (Nuclear Blast) запечатан
TARAXACUM - Spirit Of Freedom 2001 (MTM Music) Digi like new
TESTAMENT - The Best Of 1996 (Atlantic) like new
THALARION - Four Elements Mysterium 2000 (Mighty Music) like new
THE GATHERING - How To Measure a Planet (Century Media) 2CD Запечатан.
THE GATHERING - Nighttime Birds (Century Media) запечатан
The Mission ‎– Blue Dragnet Records ‎– Dragnet 133, Dragnet Records ‎– 484183 2
THE ROCKING DILDOS - On Speed (Kron-H) like new
THE WAKE - Ode To My Misery (Spikefarm Records) like new
THE WHO - Endlesswire 1709147 (Polydor) super box like new
Thee Attacks ‎– Dirty Sheets Crunchy Frog ‎– FROG 091-2 Digipak
THIRD EYE BLIND - Third Eye Blind 1997 (Elektra) like new
THIRDMOON - Aquis Submersus 1999 (Napalm) like new
THIS EMPTY FLOW - Magenta Skycode (Avantgarde) like new
THIS MORTAL COIL - Filigree & Shadow (DAD) like new
THORNLEY - Come Again 2004 (Roadrunner) plike new
THOUGHT INDUSTRY - Black Umbrella 1997 (Metal Blade) like new
THRENODY - Threnody 1997 (Massacre Records) like new
THROES OF DAWN - Pakkasherra 1997 (Woodcut Records) like new
THROWDOWN - Haymaker 2003 (Trustkill / Roadrunner) like new
THROWDOWN - Vendetta 2005 (Trustkill / Roadrunner) CD+DVD like new
THROWING MUSES - Throwing Muses 1986 (4AD) very good+
THURSDAY - War All The Time 2003 (Island) Digi very good
THYRFING - Valdr Galda (Rough Trade) like new
TIAMAT - A Deeper Kind Of Slumber (Century Media) запечатан
TIAMAT - Clouds (Century Media) запечатан
TIAMAT - Skeleton Skeletron (Century Media) Digi like new
TIAMAT - Wildhoney (Century Media) запечатан
TINIEBLAS - Dark Infernal Light (Thrash Corner Records) like new
TO DIE FOR - IV 2005 (Spinefarm) like new
TOM PETTY & THE HEARTBREAKERS - Greatest Hits 2008 (Geffen Records) super box like new
TOMMY LEE - Never A Dull Moment (MCA) very good+
TRANSCENDENCE - Eternal Stream 1996 (Gaia Disc) like new
TREPONEM PAL - Treponem Pal 1989 (Roadracer Records) like new
TRIAL OF TEARS - Disclosure In Red 1998 (DSFA) like new
TRISTANIA - Beyond The Veil (Napalm Records) like new
TRIUMPH - Classics (MCA Records) very good
TRUCKS - Juice (Gut Records) like new
TRUST COMPANY - The Lonely Position Of Natural 2002 (Geffen) like new
TURA SATANA - Relief. Through. Release 1997 (Modern Music / Noise) Slipcase like new
TURMOIL - From Bleeding Hands (Century Media) like new
TURMOIL - The Process Of (Century Media)
TWELVE TRIBES - The Rebirth Of tragedy 2004 (Ferret Music) like new
TWILIGHT - ... And With The Twilight, They Return (In Vision Musik) very good
TWILIGHT OPERA - Midnight Horror 1999 (Cacophonous Records) like new
TWILIGHT OPERA - Shadows Embrace... (Cacophonous)
TWILIGHTNING - Delirium Veil 2002 (Spinefarm) like new
TWILIGHTNING - Plague House Puppet Show 2004 (Spinefarm)
TYRANT - Blind Revolution (LaserLight Digital)
U2 - Pop (Island / Polygram) like new
U2 - Under A Blood Red Sky (Universal / Island) 2CD digibook slipcase very good+ 
U2 - Walk On [DVDSingle] 2001 (Island Records) single box like new
U2 - Zooropa (Island / Polygram) like new
UGLY KID JOE - America's Least Wanted 1992 (Mecury) like new
UGLY KID JOE - As Ugly As They Wanna Be 1991 (Mercury) very good+
UGLY KID JOE - Menace To Sobriety 1995 (Polygram / Mercury) like new
UGLY KID JOE - The Vey Best. As Ugly As It Gets 1998 (Mercury) like new
ULTRAVIOLENCE - I Destructor (Earache) like new
ULTRAVIOLENCE - Killing God 1998 (Earache) good
UNDISH - Acta Est Fabula (Massacre Records)
UNKINDS, THE - Violence Is A Girl's Best Friend 1998 (Kron H / Osmose) like new
UNWRITTEN LAW - Elva 2002 (Interscope Records) like new
URANIUM 235 - Cultural Minority 1998 (Steamhammer) like new
URBANE, THE - Neon 1999 (Verglas Music) like new
URGE OVERKILL - Saturation 1993 (Geffen Records) like new
V/A - A BLACK MARK TRIBUTE (Black Mark) like new
V/A - A BLACK MARK TRIBUTE Vol. 2 (Black Mark) like new
V/A - AWAKENING - Females In Extreme Music 1997 (Dwell Records) like new
V/A - BLUNTED 2 Compilation 1997 (Shadow Records) [картонный диги-пак конверт] good
V/A - HEADBANGERS BALL: The Revenge 2006 (Roadrunner) 2CD like new
V/A - MADE IN TRIBUTE - A Tribute To The Best Band In A Whole Goddamn World! 1997 (Toy's Factory0 like new
V/A - METALMEISTER - A Metal Blade Compilation 1996
V/A - Misanthropy Records - Presumed Guilty Compilation 1998 [very good]
V/A - NIGHT OF DARKNESS - Grenzwellen on CD 1997 (Synthetic Symphony) like new
V/A - OZZ FEST LIVE 1997 (Ozz Records) Special SD box very good+
V/A - PEACEVILLE X - Compilation 1998 (Peaceville Records) like new
V/A - Pounding Power Volume 3 1997 (Metalized Magazine)
V/A - SEEK & DESTROY 16 Nu-Metal Extremes 2002 (Demon Music Group) Запечатан
V/A - Spawn (The Album) 1997 (Epic / Sony) good
V/A - The Gothic Compilation Part VI (Gothic Records) very good
V/A - The Heart Of Roadrunner Records 2003 (Roadrunner) like new
V/A - THE HOLY BIBLE Vol. 2 (Holy Records) good -
V/A - The Many Faces Of Motörhead 3 × CD Compilation (Music Brokers) Запечатан
V/A - TO CRY YOU A SONG. A Collection Of Tull Tales 1996 (Magna Carta) very good+
V/A - WIRED UP 2 Compilation 2002 (Universal) like new
VADER - Future Of The Past (System Shock) very good
VADER - Kingdom (System Shock) like new
VALLEY'S EVE - Prodigia 1998 (Zyx Music) like new
VAMPIR - Gothic Horror (Serpent Qui Danse) good+
VAN HALEN - 1984 (Warner Bros.) like new
VAN HALEN - Balance 1995 (Warner Bros.) like new
VAN HALEN - Diver Down 1982 (Warner Bros.) like new
VAN HALEN - Fair Warning 1981 (Warner Bros.) very good+
VAN HALEN - For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge 1991 (Warner Bros.) like new
VANITAS - Das Leben ein Traum (CCP Records)
VASARIA - Vasaria 1997 (Century Media) like new
VINTERSORG - Cosmic Genesis (Napalm) like new
VIRGIN STEELE - Invictus 1998 (T&T) like new
VIRGIN STEELE - Noble Savage 1996 (Modern Music) very good+
VOICE OF DESTRUCTION - Bloedriver (Morbid Records) very good+ {пятна на накате диска}
VOLBEAT - The Strength / The Sound / The Songs (Mascot Records) like new
VOODOO GLOW SKULLS - The Band Geek Mafia 1998 (Epitaph Europe) like new
WALLS OF JERICHO - The Bound Feed The Gagged 1999 (Trustkill Records) very good
WALLS OF JERICHO - With Devils Amongst Us All (Trustkill Records) very good+
WALTARI - Torcha! 1992 (The All Blacks BV) like new
WAMPYRE SHADOW WOLF - Wampyricon 1996 (Dark Side) like new
WARLOCK - Burning The Witches 1984 (Vertigo) like new
WARRANT - Ultraphobic 1995 (Music For Nations) like new
WE ALL LOVE ELLA - Celebrating The First Lady Of Song 2007 (The Verve Music Group) very good+
WEEZER - Weezer 2008 (DGC / Interscope) Super box like new
WELTEN BRAND - Der Untergang Von Trisona 1999 (M.O.S. Records Ltd)
WHATEVER - Lies & Gold Dust 1997 (Music For Nations) very good+
WHIPLASH - Power And Pain + Ticket To Mayhem (Displeased) like new
WHISPERS IN THE SHADOW - Laudanum (M.O.S. Records) Digi like new
WHITE - White (The Store For Music Ltd.) like new
WICKED MARAYA - Cycles 1995 (BMG) good+
WILLOW WISP - Delusion Of Grandeue: (A Gathering Of Heretics) (Full Moon Productions) very good
WITCHERY - Witchburner (Necropolis Records) good -----
WIZARD - Bound By Metal (B.O. Records) like new
WORLD OF SILENCE - Mindscapes (Black Mark Production) like new
WOUNDED, THE - The Art Of Grief (Coldbloodindustries) like new
YEAR ZERO - Nihil's Flame 1993 (Hellhound Records) like new
YNGWIE J. MALMSTEEN - The Best Of Y. Malmsteen 2005 (Universal / Polydor, Chronicles) like new
YNGWIE J. MALMSTEEN - Trilogy (Polydor) like new
YNGWIE J. MALMSTEEN'S RISING FORCE - Odyssey 1988 (Polygram Records) like new
YNGWIE J. MALMSTEEN'S RISING FORCE - Rising Force 1984 (Polydor) very good+
YNGWIE MALMSTEEN - Fire And Ice (Elektra) good -
YNGWIE MALMSTEEN - The Yngwie Malmsteen Collection 1991 (Polydor) like new
YNGWIE MALMSTEEN - Trial By Fire: Live In Leningrad 1989 (Polydor) like new
ZAO - The Funeral Of God 2004 (Roadrunner) like new
ZONATA - Reality (Century Media) like new
ZYKLON - World Of Worms 2001 (Candlelight) like new
СHRIS CORNELL - Euphoria Morning 1999 (A&M Records) like new
СYNICON - Cybernetic (Spikefarm) like new