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Gasoline Guns
2013 . Gasoline Guns - Motorhead, Malignant Tumour, Chrome Division, Helltrain... : , , , , . 2015 .
Vkontakte: https://vk.com/gasoline_guns
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gasguns
Bandcamp: https://gasolineguns.bandcamp.com
- Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCj1YaSjz5lXTffcM51nRwuQ

Gasoline Guns - Jokers 666 (demo 2015)

Gasoline Guns - Panzer Rock'n'Roll (official music video)

Gasoline Guns
Gasoline Guns - Metal Mag:

Punk Rock band with a raw voice in the vein of Tom Angelripper (Sodom). Short songs with easy riffs. The last song beeing a moshing one that will start the pit but they would need more tunes to blow. A cool band that rocks , the sound is not bad for a demo. 70/100
Gasoline Guns

Gasoline Guns FaST Metal Pages:
A mixture of styles and genres: Rock'n'Roll Hard Heavy Metal

Gasoline Guns - what would you think about this title before you have heard their music? I imagine abandoned gas station somewhere in the desert, where Bruce Willis issitting, drinking whiskey and planning to go to Las Vegas to play and to shoot. Viva Las Vegas? No way! Viva Whiskey Rock'n'Roll!

I assumed that the music will be similar to Motorhead and I was right - Gasoline Guns play in the style of this band, sometimes quite rapidly, and recklessly, and sometimes even with some slant Punk. Vocal is pretty harsh, it is in a very good harmony with the sound. The album sounds quite professional, there are no flaws, typical to demos, young bands or bands that do not know what they want. Gasoline Guns knows what it wants. Of course, the global music scene has enough well-known and lesser-known acts, promoting this style of music, and even more - this style of life, but the whiskey over does not happen... I'm sorry, good music for the right mood - is always welcome.

Well, guys, you have declared yourself, whether an abandoned gas station or Las Vegas are waiting for you, I will not speculate. But it is in your hands to achieve the level worthy the musicians playing really good music.

Vocals: 9.00 of 10
Instruments: 9.00 of 10
Skill: 9.00 of 10
Originality: 6.00 of 10
TOTAL: 8.25 of 10

Reviewed by: Denis /16.06.2015/

Gasoline Guns

Gasoline Guns Forever Slain Zine:

Gasoline Guns are a heavy metal band from Ukraine that formed in 2013. To put it more accurately, theyre playing what they call metalnroll. Gasoline Guns have just released their new demo called, Joker 666″ which Im going to attempt to review right now. I say attempt” because as anyone who reads this site on a regular basis knows, we pretty much focus on black metal and death metal with some occasional thrash and doom. Thats not to say that I dont like this stuff and the fact is I started listening to traditional heavy metal bands before I got into extreme metal. Bands like King Diamond, Iron Maiden, Accept, Judas Priest and Black Sabbath were a the top of my playlist (among may others). Gasoline Guns states that their influences come from bands like Motrhead, Malignant Tumor, Helltrain, The Carburetors and Eddie Guz. The only band out of the group I ever heard of is Motrhead and I listened to some Motrhead when I was much younger. Im sad to hear about the declining health of Lemmy but its a miracle in itself that hes lived as long as he has. Anyway, Im going to take a listen to the Joker 666″ demo and see what I come up with.

The Joker 666″ demo has a strong sound quality and production with a slightly dirty sound, but I think this is what the band intended. I can say that I do hear some Motrhead influence among these tracks. If I had to compare this stuff to some bands that Im familiar with Id say something like Gehennah from Sweden, Meressin from Lithuania (or at least their earlier stuff since I havent heard any of their new material) and also to a lesser extent bands like Infern and Nocturnal Breed from Norway minus the thrash influence. That probably doesnt make much sense since both of them are thrash metal bands but what Im saying is they have the same rock-n-roll” feeling to some of their music.

So there you have it. Im not an expert on metalnroll kind of stuff but its a good demo for the style that they play.

Gasoline Guns

Gasoline Guns The Headbanging Moose webzine

Album Review – Gasoline Guns / Metal N Roll EP (2015)
Posted on August 20, 2015 by Gustavo Scuderi
Let these Ukrainian rockers show you what real badass Rock N Roll is all about with their inebriate and flaming attitude.

Praising whiskey, fighting, burning gasoline and, of course, our beloved Rock N Roll, Ukrainian Metal N Roll wolfpack Gasoline Guns might sound as just a tribute to the badass rock music by Motrhead at first, but pay close attention to their music and youll see those guys have a lot more to offer to all fans of raspy vocals and dirty riffs. And if you take into consideration the fact that their brand new release entitled” Metal N Roll is actually a demo, even with the overall quality of the songs and the production being significantly better than lots of renowned bands who have been on the road for many years, youll get all the more impressed by those Ukrainian rockers.

As aforementioned, Metal N Roll is considered by Gasoline Guns themselves as just a demo version of what they can generate, but lets give this Chernihiv-based band some credit for the awesome work done and call it an EP for reviewing purposes. Although the band has been rocking around since 2013, its now in 2015 that they seem ready for hitting the entire world with their uncompromising attitude and boozy musicality, and this demo carries all the elements they need to show everyone that crosses their path what theyre capable of.

The opening track, Jokers 666, sounds indeed like theyre paying homage to the iconic Ian Fraser Lemmy” Kilmister and his road crew, with its catchy riffs and accelerated rhythm guaranteeing the fun for the listener and the vocals by Dmytro being slightly more demonic than usual Rock N Roll. If someone asked me to label this type of music, I would suggest something like Beer N Roll” for sure, and yet again I have to mention the outstanding level of professionalism for whats supposed to be just a demo. Putting the pedal to the metal like no one else, they were able to get even thrashier in the excellent This Hook Got Caught Up You, where the sick low-tuned bass lines by Andriy combined to the exciting drums by Volodymyr will inspire you for a nasty pub fight. I dare you to stand still during this killer tune, and if you do, Im sorry but Ill have to ask you to stop reading this review and go listen to some shitty songs from the always awful Top 40.

gasoline gunsHowever, Gasoline Guns are not just pure Rock N Roll, but they can also bring forth some dirty and crude Hard Rock such as Blaze Up, which straightforward musicality is exactly whats needed to electrify whoever is listening to it. Dmytro leads the party with his inebriate vocals, while the rest of the band adds their rockin gasoline to the music to blaze up the house. And next time I want to see more cowbell, please! Well, if you didnt get this joke, simply grab your bottle of Jack Daniels, chug it and hit the floor for some crazy headbanging in Whiskey Funeral Spell, where the riffs by Volodymyr couldnt sound grimier (in the best way possible, of course), strengthening the quality of the music considerably. As they scream during the song, theyre drunk as hell”, and we all have to agree that this ethylic element adds a lot of power to their musicality, right?

Anyway, closing this amazing demo we have Panzer Rock N Roll, one of the coolest Rock N Roll tunes Ive heard recently. Its extremely simple, but so effective youll start moshing even if youre all alone thanks to the thrilling riffs by Volodymyr and another great performance by Dmytro, turning it into a heavy rock anthem of the modern era. Put differently, if you truly have Rock N Roll flowing inside your veins, Im sure youll listen to this newborn classic nonstop for days in a row.

And not only you can get in touch with this awesome band from Ukraine through their Facebook page, VKontakte, YouTube channel and BandCamp page, but especially if youre an underground record label you should be aware Gasoline Guns are currently searching for somebody like YOU to release their very first full-length album, which is already recorded and just waiting for your external help to reach complete combustion. If I were you, I would definitely give this promising Ukrainian road crew a chance, and let them show the entire world what real badass Rock N Roll is all about.

Best moments of the album: Panzer Rock N Roll.

Worst moments of the album: None, of course.

Gasoline Guns

Gasoline Guns Arte Metal (google- )
"Names like Chrome Division and Helltrain brought to the fore once the Metal 'n' Roll, and the thing has spread and reached Ukraine. That's where comes the Gasoline Guns, Chernihiv quartet that does not hide its influences of Motörhead, The Carburetors and the aforementioned Helltrain.

But Gasoline has even more to show. Imagine if the band Lemmy Kilmister recruit Tom Angelripper of Sodom to take vocal, that more melody, as well as increase sticky choruses to their compositions? Yeah, that's the impression that the band passes during the hearing this demo.

Work very well produced, the disc contains dirty songs (in the aesthetic sense and not sound), and naughty, with dynamism in the right measure and excited from the first hearing. A low dose of punk and sleaze are present, giving a more relaxed work climate.

Featured undoubtedly to 666 Joker, Blaze Up and Panzer Rock 'n' Roll, that is, three out of the five that make up the demo. Recalling that the other two are not far behind those mentioned. Business is picking up the sound of Gasoline Guns and hit it on the car stereo without time to come back."
Vitor Franceschini

Gasoline Guns


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Gasoline Guns
Gasoline Guns Terroraiser ( 4, 2015)

Gasoline Guns
Gasoline Guns - Ace of Spades (Motorhead cover). Live in Barvy Club, 2015

Gasoline Guns
Gasoline Guns Metal On Loud ( )

Gasoline Guns
Gasoline Guns - "We are the Monsters" (live)
Gasoline Guns

Gasoline Guns
, Gasoline Guns "Rust'n'Dust" Iron Goat Commando CD !
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Gasoline Guns
GASOLINE GUNS "Panzer Rock'n'Roll"!!!
Gasoline Guns
Gasoline Guns "Rust'n'Dust" Unable Records!
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Iron Goat Commando!

Gasoline Guns
Gasoline Guns "Rust'N'Dust" Iron Goat Commando!
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Gasoline Guns
- Motorhead "Ace of Spades" Gasoline Guns. . Motorhead --. ! wink.gif

Gasoline Guns - Ace of Spades (Motorhead cover)

Gasoline Guns
Gasoline Guns "Nightriders"!

Bandcamp: https://gasolineguns.bandcamp.com/album/nightriders


Gasoline Guns
Gasoline Guns - WASP "Harder faster" Tribute to WASP Antichrist Metalzine. Oculum Dei, Devil's Fuel, The UnhaliGäst, Tyranno, Serphika, Vengeance of Mine, Beauty School Massacre, Thrashock, Beltane.
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' Youtube.

- Gasoline Guns : http://www.youtube.com/embed/E_Daig38x9Y?s...64&end=2457

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