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Mental Torment

Solitude Productions , , , , , , doom death metal. , : , , . . On The Verge , Officium Triste, Mourning Beloveth Saturnus...

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Kiev Kills!
6- - Kiev Kills: Gothic/Metal/Doom Night!

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So here we have the debut album from the Ukrainian Doom / Death band MENTAL TORMENT. This is going to be quite straightforward: if the hair at the back of your neck stands straight with the typical MY DYING BRIDE atmosphere but you also wants that SATURNUS-esque melody and all that with a hint of MOURNING BELOVETH thrown in the mix, well then you will also appreciate On The Verge. The intro of the album, The Path To Shining, sets the mood quite nicely here and from the beginning of Maelstrom you can feel the waves of influence coming from SATURNUS. The album in general is quite melodic, the work on the lead parts is done really nicely and with great care, the growling vocals (with the occasional use of a few clean ones) and the slow tempo which at points can get almost Funeral-Doom-slow for instance about three minutes in My Torment are working together splendidly. There is definitely heart and technicality put into the songs in this album and genuine appreciation for the subgenre of Doom / Death in general, with tracks such as Unspoken Word with the great groove on the drums and the amazing leads on the guitar (especially on the part with the clean vocals), and especially the highlight of the album for me Cold Rusted Flame (even though the title still makes no sense to me) with the heavy distorted guitars setting a pace with the drums and the keyboards lifting the track just as much as it is needed without them being distracting, the cleaner part about a couple of minutes in the track with the spookier vocals acts like a really well designed break, it does occurs in some other instances giving some variety to the album. I usually prefer my Doom / Death a bit dirtier and meaner but if you prefer the more melodic side of Doom / Death, and some of your favorite bands are SATURNUS, MOURNING BELOVETH and OFFICIUM TRISTE then MENTAL TORMENT should be your next logical step. On The Verge is a strong first release; lets see where they take it from here.

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Pensa numa banda que toca um Death/Doom nos moldes do Mourning Beloveth, mas com a veia meldica do Officium Triste. Esta banda chama-se Mental Torment. Apesar de no apresentarem nada de inovador, podemos sentir atravs de suas linhas de guitarra uma sinceridade mpar. O disco abre com uma pequena intro ”The Path To Shining” que serve de aperitivo para o que o disco nos reserva. ”Maelstrom” a primeira faixa e observando a capa, encontramos um nufrago e os vocais ”desesperados” de Mad acabam que nos levando para ela e acabamos nos sentindo como se ns estivssemos deriva. ”My Torment” a maior faixa do disco e dentro de seus 8 minutos temos um andamento carregado de tristeza, ainda mais se o ouvinte se deixar levar pelas linhas de guitarras de Miha Esp e Ross. ”Unspoken Word” tem uma pegada bem Mourning Beloveth, com fortes riffs de guitarra, peso e melodia na dose certa. Destaque para a atmosfera que ela cria l pela metade dela. ”Cold Rusted Flame” uma msica com uma velocidade um pouco maior do que o restante encontrado no lbum. Mas no esperem que ela termine com algum blast beat, pois to logo ela embala, h uma quebrada em seu andamento deixando novamente lenta. Vale destacar uma passagem com as guitarras limpas e os vocais mezzo guturais de Mad que vai guiando a faixa. Essa msica carrega consigo um certo grau de melancolia, deixando-a como uma das melhores msicas do disco. ”I see this End” uma faixa bem ”down-tempo” e at um pouco atmosfrica, seguindo numa linha My Dying Bride da fase do grandioso The Angel and the Dark River, s que sem os violinos. ”The Tragedy” vem no mesmo feeling do incio do lbum, ou seja, muita melodia e tristeza. E a ltima faixa ”The Drowned Man” toda instrumental, selando de forma melanclica o fim do nufrago. Mental Torment – On the Verge (Solitude-Prod)

1. The Path To Shining (intro)
2. Maelstrom
3. My Torment
4. Unspoken Word
5. Cold Rusted Flame
6. I See This End
7. Tradegy
8. The Drowned Man

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Death Doom. A combination of Death Metal and Doom Metal. Bandʼs like Mental Torment combine the two genres of metal to create slow atmospheric heavily distorted crushing music. The music is like an enormous wall crashing down on a society very slowly. Mental Torment really knows how to stretch out their songs too because most of their songs are around seven minutes. These Ukrainianʼs do leave a strong impression with their debut album On the Verge. However, that impression may take some time as the album is no short and simple release. Exaggerated guitar riffs are a main theme on each track. The band messes around with different tempos, so the drumming creates these unique Doom Metal rhythms that seem to morph overtime compared to the other instruments. Another tool Mental Torment uses to create long universal wide sounding atmospheric songs is by coming up with mellow keyboard and piano parts. With the keyboards I like how they are used do create dark transient atmospheres which give the songs a mesmerizing edge. The album starts out with a pleasantly sounding introduction called, The Path to Shining. Notes are lightly exaggerated by the guitarist to give the introduction a soothing effect that leads into the next song Maelstrom. Once Maelstrom begins the drums come in pounding like monstrous waves against a drone guitar riff filled sea. Then the vocalist starts growling out the haunting lyrics. To me this song is the epitome of atmospheric Doom Death Metal. All the elements are tied together to making a gloomy piece of music. On the next track appropriately called, My Torment, I can hear Mental Torment staying true to the Death Doom sound on Maelstrom. These guys are extremely consistent with their slow heavy crushing musical theme. I wish there was more variation on this album, but Mental Torment primarily focuses on slow Doom with a Death edge. The last track Tragedy is probably the one song which deviates from the other songs. On Tragedy Mental Torment finishes the album off with a cosmic sounding keyboard layered track. Overall I liked how the album sounded and thought that Mental Torment did a great job presenting their style of Death Doom. Unfortunately after hearing a couple lengthy tracks off this album I was starting to loose interest. In no way am I saying their musicianship and talent caused me to loose interest, but with Death Doom Metal I feel bands need to experiment with their sound to keep listeners fully engaged. On the Verge is a decent first display of Mental Tormentʼs talents and may they keep working hard to improve their Death Doom sound. I highly recommend this album for those who love the combination of Death Metal and Doom Metal.

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On The Verge... Artikel veröffentlicht am 05.02.2013 | 763 mal gelesen Alles, was man bisher von den Ukrainern MENTAL TORMENT gehört hat, war eine Promo von 2009 ... und ganze vier Jahre später kommt nun das Debütalbum via Solitude Productions. Vier Jahre - das sollte ja eigentlich genug Zeit sein, um ein wirklich rundes Album aufgenommen zu haben. Denke ich mir zumindest noch so, höre dann aber die nächste eher durchschnittliche Death-Doom-Scheibe aus dem Hause Solitude, welche ja nunmal neben einigen wirklichen Hammerbands auch einiges an Mittelmaß gesigned haben. Ja, Death Doom bekommt man geboten, im Falle von MENTAL TORMENT bewegt der sich allerdings auch oft am Rande zum Funeral Doom. Als besonderes Merkmal der Musik könnte man nennen, dass MENTAL TORMENT versuchen, dank Keyboards die meiste Zeit episch-getragen zu klingen - was auch ganz gut funktioniert, aber leider verfügt das Songwriting über zu wenige Höhepunkte, zu wenige Spitzen, um die Getragenheit des Ganzen zum Gänsehautfaktor werden zu lassen. Damit bleiben unter dem Strich acht nette Death-Doom-/Funeral-Doom-Stücke, die man sich mal anhören kann - aber eben nicht muss. Ein paar mehr Finessen im Songwriting braucht's da für's nächste Mal schon.

Ukrainian newcomers Mental Torment are right at home on Solitude. As the cover would suggest, On The Verge is murky, despondent doom-death in the funereal vein, full of giant, crashing riffs and plunging dirges. The theme of the album is the sea, and whilst paeans to the uncaring oceans might seem like a bit of an overdone cliché in funeral doom circles, its done incredibly well here. Theres a dizzying momentum at work, the guitars moving in towering swells and monotonous, churning rhythms, with muted, bleak melodies peeking out through the gloom. The riffs have serious weight to them, reminding of Abstract Spirits Horror Vacui in their abyssal vastness and drawn-out, punishing monotony, backlit by just a faint glow of synth. It sounds overwhelmingly tidal; like being battered endlessly by the indifferent elements in near-total darkness. Its never dull though, on account of a gradual, searching progression that recalls Ahabs leaden-yet-surging debut; full of tortured slow-builds to sudden, slow-chugging bursts of renewed urgency, and with forlorn-and-winding melodic leads stretching out to the distant horizon. Mental Torment have a masterful sense of restraint, lulling the listener into a hypnotic daze with seemingly circular dirges and clean passages, before hitting out with massive, mournful riffs that just keep on coming, hammering on the emotions relentlessly until only splintered wreckage remains. I cant help but name check Mourning Beloveth at this point, on account of how the riffs are allowed space to slowly breathe through calmer lulls, gathering in strength and slowly growing higher until everything finally crashes back in on itself. There are also hints of My Dying Brides classic Turn Loose The Swans in the sharp guitar-wails, clanging, monolithic riffs and climbing, muted melodies absolutely dripping with despondency. Present too are more grandiose doom riffs reminiscent of MDBs later work, or perhaps that of Saturnus, dragging themselves out slowly with an imperious gloominess. There are brooding, clean passages, sprinklings of sombre spoken word amidst the guttural growls; hopeful melodic solos tinged with warmth; urgent underpinnings of double-bass pedal ratcheting up the tension. I havent identified any specific songs as it all just flows so well together, weaving a rich tapestry that runs for a full 52 minutes without ever growing stale. The overall composition is excellent, with the band members (all seven of them) seeming to be on exactly the same page, bringing a tremendous sense of cohesion and depth. But again- its the superb progression that really makes the album. On The Verge has an effortless fluidity about it that is worthy of the albums concept, and it really knows how to bide its time, slowly and masterfully dredging up some raw and powerful emotions from beneath the expanse of endless grey. (8.5/10 Erich Zann)

Mental Torment - On The Verge 23 January 2013 01. The Path To Shining (intro) 02. Maelstrom 03. My Torment 04. Unspoken Word 05. Cold Rusted Flame 06. I See This End 07. Tragedy 08. The Drowned Man Doom, like all music, can be an odd thing. The gradations between good and, well, not so good can either be just minute shades of grey or clear as day. Take Ukrainian death doomsters Mental Torment. Aside from the fact their album cover isn't likely to medal if MS runs a sequel to our "Best Album Art" contest, their first album, On The Verge doesn't do anything that stands out as particularly innovative or new. In their PR bit Solitude Productions implies this release would be a "precious present for fans of Officium Triste." Not sure about the gift aspect, but if searching for a starting point to describe their sound, OT is as good as any. On The Verge contains a lot of what I found in Officium Triste's latest doom roaring, melodic-yet-melancholic leads, lots of woe and general sadness going around. There are no "This one time, at doombandcamp, Evoke Thy Lords stuck a flute in their... mix" moments. At this point it seems like I'm on the verge of slamming the band, but go back to that first sentence again. The difference between being a boring, dull copycat and releasing a good album is just shades of charcoal grey. The sound in this, like OT's latest, is (well, weak drums aside) really lush and deep, a perfect way to capture mood laid out in the music. The songs are crafted well, seemingly riding the line between slow development to the point of boredom and slow enough moving to be compelling, somehow maintaining just to the side of "I'm enjoying them." All in all I found the album to be a pleasant surprise and an enjoyable listen. Perhaps adding a few twists and turns to their well-executed tunes Mental Torment might be On The Verge of something great on their sophomore follow-up. But I'm certainly enjoying this for now. Performance: 8 Songwriting: 7 Originality: 6 Production: 8

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21.03.2013 Mental Tormant - Conclusion (Live in Moscow)

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21.03.2013 Mental Torment - Maelstrom (Live in Moscow)

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, .... "Mayones Regius 6"

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Mental Torment.
I hate your faces.

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Mental Torment - Unspoken Word (Live in Rock House, Dark Lethargy Tour III, Moscow)

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La Solitude Productions continua la sua opera d'infoltimento della schiera di lavori doom: l'etichetta pesca con assiduit internamente all'underground della propria scena nazionale e di quelle limitrofe, trovando sempre qualche buona realt da presentare. Questa volta il turno dei Mental Torment. Gli ucraini non hanno una grandissima esperienza: l'unico lavoro rilasciato sino a questo 2013 era infatti il demo "Promo Tracks 2009". Eppure i russi hanno avuto intuito, dando loro una possibilit: il debutto "On The Verge..", pur attenendosi in maniera ossequiosa a quanto gi reso noto in passato da nomi tutelari quali My Dying Bride, Paradise Lost e Officium Triste, trasporta con s un carico d'emozioni corposo che sostanzialmente riesce a trasmettere all'ascoltatore tramite uno sviluppo ritmico greve e massiccio, e un dosaggio delle melodie, spesso intinte di sonorit evocanti strati su strati di malinconia, calibrato e discretamente coadiuvato dall'apporto di sintetizzatori mai invasivi e tesi ad aumentare la sensazione di dilatazione; ci giova alla definizione dell'impianto atmosferico insito nei brani, in cui come ciliegina sulla torta si pone la pi che discreta prestazione del cantante. Negare che tanto di quello che ascolterete nel disco sia figlio d'altrui tempi e menti sarebbe fuorviante: non si pu per nemmeno pensare che un album come questo, nel quale sono contenuti pezzi intensi, delicatamente tormentati e dal piglio comunque tutt'altro che molle, debba passare inosservato. V'invito a saggiare le doti di canzoni quali "Maelstrom", "Unspoken Word", "Cold Rusted Flame" e "The Drowned Man" prima di etichettarli come la "solita minestra riscaldata", commettendo, a mio avviso, l'errore di mettere da parte una band che potrebbe in futuro, ancor pi che oggi, dire la sua in questo panorama. Del resto "On The Verge..." non "allungato" in maniera sconsiderata e disdicevole come frequentemente accade nel tentativo di sopperire a una latenza d'idee evidente, n tantomeno fa denotare carenze particolari nell'ambito legato alla produzione: siamo dinanzi a una prima prova ben pi che soddisfacente. "Chi ben inizia a met dell'opera": detto vecchio e pi volte ripetuto, ma che in questa situazione cade a fagiuolo. Tenete quindi a mente il nome dei Mental Torment e magari, dopo aver condiviso un po' del vostro tempo in compagnia della loro musica, potreste anche ponderarne l'acquisto. Decisione che se venisse presa in considerazione, non sarebbe errata.

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"transcending obscurity"
Picture of Mental Torment - On the Verge... Mental Torment is a Death/Doom Metal band from Ukraine. This region has a lot of talent especially in creating music this wistful and brimming with unexpressed emotions that come out only through the music such is the place perhaps. There is more than meets the eye or ears for that matter. Initial listens reveal nothing out of the ordinary but damn, this is a layered and intricate beast. Two guitarists and two keyboardists? Even then it seems so minimal, nothing saturating the atmosphere in fact, the music has little time to breathe, which is the albums plus point because in this case, play too slowly and do too little and our fickle attention will begin to wane. Here, the band has ensnared the listener in its Deathly grip and slowly coils around it with layers of emotions, one over the other, until the listener crumbles in submission to its plan. The beauty is that the leads are ever floating, the music reminiscent of Despond and the template Mental Torment is using is that of Evoken both exemplary bands, not appreciated enough especially the former from France, another hotbed for music of this exp​ression. The music takes some time to grow on you, but once attuned to it, its magnificent. Once again, the presentation is first class I can never stop appreciating the gold disc and beautiful artworks contained within, with phrases instead of entire song lyrics highlighting the essence of the songs. Mental Torment is a gem of an album; its only with close listens that you will truly admire its beauty. Kunal Choksi

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"The Pit of the Damned"
#PER CHI AMA: Doom Gothic, Paradise Lost, My Dying Bride Degli ucraini Mental Torment sappiamo che "On the Verge..." è il loro primo full lenght del 2013 dopo un demo del 2009, che il cd esce per la Solitude production e che la band vanta ben otto musicisti, che l'artwork è ben curato e ricercato e che la musica proposta è di elevata e pregevole fattura. Il suono di "On the Verge..." è un caldo vortice di emozioni a rallentatore collegate tra loro da una forza narrativa e progressiva che incanta di malinconico splendore. L'arte musicale scelta dalla band è da ricercarsi nei meandri bui del suono di matrice My Diyng Bride e dei Paradise Lost di "Shades of God" e seppur l'intero lavoro paga il giusto tributo ai suoi predecessori, quest'album gode di una rigenerazione e di una luce che smantella ogni dubbio e alla fine non resta che inchinarsi di fronte a tanta maestria. Questa sua profondità è colta a pieni mani da album come "Tears Laid in Earth", micidiale capolavoro dei The 3rd and the Mortals e la riporta in vita con tutti quei sentimenti di ansia, tormento e resa tipica del doom, anche se qui il lato più poetico e gotico della facciata prevale e colpisce a fondo, non stiamo parlando di stoner doom ma di gothic doom ad elevata potenza emotiva. Potremmo dire che è impossibile resistere a questo album, alla sua voce gutturale così ferrea e posata, suggestiva e trascinante, narratrice e marziale, alle cristalline melodiche chitarre che fanno da contraltare all'incedere di ritmiche pesanti, lente, oppressive e cupe, nerissime ma cariche di fascino oscuro e per certi aspetti romantiche nella loro volontà di decadenza, un suono pieno, completo fin nei più piccoli particolari e carico di tragica speranza, quella che fa dilatare le pupille alla ricerca di una salvezza. Un lavoro decisamente al di sopra della media, un album per disperati, eterni sognatori vestiti di nero. Una delizia dal profondo cuore gotico! (Bob Stoner) (Solitude Productions) Voto: 80

: Mental Torment Aug 19 2013, 21:57

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Si hace poco reseñábamos el ultimo CD de los rusos Who dies in siberian slush, vamos a quedarnos por aquellas tierras, en concreto en Ucrania, para comentar ahora el primer trabajo de Mental Torment. Y no va a ser la cercanía geográfica el único nexo entre ambas bandas, pues las dos apuestan por el Funeral Doom como base sobre la que expresarse. Nada más y nada menos que siete son los miembros que componen el grupo, a saber, un vocalista, dos guitarritas y dos para los teclados, bajista y batería (algo que, al menos desde mis sentidos, tampoco se percibe de manera especial en el resultado final). En cuanto a lo musical, que es lo que nos importa, este "On the verge" nos brinda un álbum muy reconocible para aquellos que estén habituados a escuchar este género en concreto. Voz gutural y profunda, melodías lentas y cargadas de melancolía, pesadez y tristeza, temas largos, etc. Lo cierto es que, de primeras, uno puede pensar que sólo se trata de un grupo más que pasara sin pena ni gloria entre los medios y el publico de este mundillo, teniendo en cuenta que el Funeral Doom es un estilo que se ha visto potenciado en los últimos años con la aparición de numerosas bandas de mucha calidad ¿Corrobora la música contenida en este CD este primer pensamiento? Sí y no, y me explico. Sin duda, este disco no va a suponer una revolución en la escena extrema, se trata de un álbum puramente genérico, con todo lo que ello conlleva. Sin embargo, es indudable también que el contenido musical tiene un nivel de calidad, en el plano creativo y de ejecución, bastante aceptable y, si eres adorador de esta forma de hacer música, es un álbum cien por cien disfrutable. Dentro del Funeral Doom, navega entre aguas melódicas y oscuras, con ciertas influencias Death, entre unos Officium Triste y unos Evoken, para hacernos una idea. Destacaría el corte cinco, "Cold rusted flame", un tema muy variado en el que el grupo muestra su talento, creando un crisol tremendamente rico en el que bandas tan diferentes como Supuration, de la época del "Incubation", o The Gathering, de la época del "Madylion", pueden ser evocadas por momentos y en el que la agonía, una contemplativa y nostálgica desolación y la épica se entrelazan con notable sabiduría. Sin duda, el mejor tema del cd. Siendo, como es, un trabajo ceñido a un estilo, "On the verge" no sobresale, pero se muestra notable en su conjunto. Curiosamente, terminaré esta reseña como la empecé, estableciendo un nuevo paralelismo con sus vecinos Who dies in siberian slush, pues, como a estos, a Mental Torment le vendría de maravilla dar un paso adelante a la hora de proponer un estilo más personal y único lo que, como decía, no es óbice para que no se puedan degustar las bondades de este disco.

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Mental Torment ..! Pourquoi j'ai ador Mental Torment? Je n'attends qu'une chose de ce genre: qu'il ternisse ma journe. Et bien ce disque m'a mis le moral plat (comme le dernier Paradise Lost ou encore The Dreadful Hours de My Dying Bride). La chute commence par "The path to shining", une splendide introduction calme aux horizons larges et brumeux. Le disque s'annonce bien! "Maelstrom" est imbriqu avec le premier morceau, et rapidement (enfin faon de parler hein, c'est du doom) on est plong dans une ambiance dsespre. Les tourments prennent le temps de s'instaurer, les riffs simples et parfaitement cadrs laissant de larges divagations jusqu' l'entre dans les territoires mtalliques la premire minute. Chant guttural de fond de caverne, le morceau part dans des territoires doom trs 90's. Lent, mlodique, somptueux, avec un sens pique qui m'a rappel certains magnifiques moments de "The Fourth Dimension" d'HYPOCRISY, notamment le bien nomm "Apocalypse". "My torment" confirme la lente dcrpitude qui commence s'emparer de nous avec quelques dissonances bien senties. Soyons clairs, l'originalit n'est pas au rendez-vous, et d'ailleurs tant mieux. Le groupe dveloppe sa faon de ressentir et de nous faire ressentir une mlancolie profonde. La lenteur y est pousse jusque dans une graduation du temps agonisante comme un dsert infini de cendres, restes du monde. Je drive tranquillement et ressent cette ambiance prenante comme a m'tait autrefois arriv avec mes premires coutes de "Turn Loose The Swans" de MY DYING BRIDE. Chaque morceau est li, ce qui permet de ne pas avoir de discontinuit dans l'atmosphre gnrale du disque. On pourra aussi penser l'excellent "The divinity of oceans" d'Ahab pour cette facult tenir le propos sur un fil temporel aussi tir. Peut tre aussi que la comparaison m'a t souffle par l'artwork marin voquant la perte dans une tempte, mais dont la thmatique n'a pas de rsonance dans la musique. "Unspoken word" est aussi un morceau majestueux, aux thmes quasi piques. En fait la qualit du disque dans son ensemble est principalement question de point de vue, car elle pourrait aussi tre son dfaut. Il faut le dire, le funeral doom est souvent question de ressenti, il faut le vouloir. Vouloir se mettre dans un tat d'esprit particulier. Aussi il y a dans cette homognit une certaine lassitude mais qui mon got est exactement ce qu'il faut. Parallle impromptu, mais cette lassitude adquate me rappelle le jeu ps2 "Shadow of the colossus", sorte de qute tire sans rel soubresaut hormis les combats titanesques. On y errait souvent sans but dans des paysages magnifiquement dsols, et cette quasi absence d'action en avait fait la principale qualit et sa grande distinction. Voil l'image que je me fais de Mental Torment, et c'est prcisment ce que j'y cherche, mais aussi ce qui pourra en gner d'autres. Le froid de l'Ukraine doit aider, pour preuve ce splendide "Cold Rusted Flame" qui prouve que faire du funeral doom ce n'est pas seulement jouer (trs) lentement, c'est surtout vous filer un cafard de pluie de novembre, comme une bruine constante. Et ce passage en son clair aprs quelques notes parses de piano vers 2mn20 ne viendra que rajouter au tableau. Ainsi que le passage nigmatique peu avant la cinquime minute qui amne un de mes moments prfrs du disque o la mlancolie devient majestueuse. Les harmonisations parcimonieuses qui surplombent cette voix quasi animale me foutent des frissons, tout comme ce solo simple et mlodieux. Je rsiste la tentation de vous dcrire chaque titre (mais quand mme mention spciale "I see this end" comme apothose de la chute), car ce disque m'a accroch ce point par les motions qu'il a provoques en moi, en faisant rsonner certaines rfrences d'un pass que j'idalise (nostalgique hein). Mais travers "On the verge", le groupe a aussi eu le bon got de dvelopper, dans les limites cafardeuses mais pourtant trs fortes du genre, une personnalit propre, un son et une approche mlant rfrences et nouveaux dsespoirs. Je suivrais donc les pas cafardeux de ce groupe l'horizon gristre. Merci eux, que c'est bon parfois de se sentir mal.

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14 Kiev Kills!

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18.00, !

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, "iti Pabe" 14 :

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Mental Torment - I Long (Saturnus Cover)

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Mental Torment On The Verge (2013) Sokáig ódzkodtam ettől a kiadványtól, mert a borítója egy kicsit amatőr. Egy árbócdarabba kapaszkodó hajótörött sodródik a tengeri viharban, mindez festményen, de elnagyoltan, óvodás színvilággal, ami rettentőten nem adja vissza a helyzet tragikus mivoltát. Arra emlékeztet a kép, amit pl. régen a Junior Alfa nevű ifjúsági magazinban láttam kiskoromban. Asterix képregények voltak benne, és én kiskamasz fejjel faltam azokat. Nos az egyik részben Asterix a pohos haverjával sodródik a tengerben, és egy vastag faágba kapaszkodnak. Az a rajz hasonlít erre. Szóval egy kicsit a külcsín megnevettetett... A zenével viszont túl nagy baj nincs. A hattagú ukrán csapat nem bíz a véletlenre semmit. Minden posztra külön emberük van, és ez hallatszik a zenén is (a basszer Atrius 2012-ben csatlakozott). A 2009-es demójuk után ez a bemutatkozó korong, tehát nem rohannak. Egy könnyed bevezetés, majd beledurvul a dolog a lassú death metalba, egyből ügyesen használva a dallamokat. Annyira jól hullámzik az első dal, hogy észre sem vettem, mikor lement a hatodik perce is. Jól befogadható, értelmezhető tétel, a végefelé akusztikus kiállással. Ekkor még nem éreztem funeral doomnak ezt a zenét, de a My Tormentnél már igen. Szépen belelassulnak, ahogy illik. Egy jó darabig vontatott, de mielőtt pont unalmassá válna, változik az összkép. Így kell csinálni, máshogy nehéz falat. A vokállal nem szaroztak viszont sokat, végigszaggatja a torkát Mad úr. Persze erre is mondhatjuk, hogy nem kell ide több, nekem azonban jól esett volna, ugyanígy a dob részéről némi érdekesség időnként. Lehet azt izgalmasabban is művelni úgy, hogy még simul az alapjában véve lassú zenére (az Esotericnél vagy Ahabnál például ilyen - két kiváló dobos a lassú műfaj élmezőnyében). A negyedjére érkező Unspoken Wordben a tetszési indexemnek jót tett a középrésznél hallható dallammunka, és a kiállás is, mivel ekkorra lett egy kicsit túltömve a fülem a druzsvával. A Cold Rusted Flamenél pedig a zongora lepett meg, majd szintén jön egy lazulás, kedvemre. Ekkorra már határozottan éreztem, hogy okosan összerakott cucc ez, még ha nem is az azonnal támadó és meglepetésekkel telipakolt fajta. A dal lezárása is méltó a műfajhoz. Ahogy az ezt követő tétel kezdése is. Sejtelmes, depressziós, szellős. Nem rohanunk sehová. A záró darabban nagyon ötletes és túlvilági szintetizátor hangszínekkel operál a billentyűket megdolgozó Crutch, viszont kérdem én, miért kellett erre ennyit várnunk??? Ezt hiányosságnak hallom, és bár nem létszükséglet, de nagyban felturbózza általában ezt a műfajt. A szinti nem elég határozott. A gitárok eléggé odateszik magukat, sok a meglepő fordulat, hallatszik, hogy szempont volt a nyilvánvaló megoldások kikerülése, viszont az atmoszférát kívánnám. Misztikusabb, ködösebb lenne az anyag, persze kérdés, hogy mi volt a cél. A borítónál gyanítom, hogy ragaszkodtak a festett cucchoz, csak nem sikerült azt profin megvalósítani, de még haladó szinten sem. Jobb választás lett volna oda is az, amit a booklet belsejében láthatunk. Rézkarc-szerű ábrák fekete alapon fehérrel. A belső része a kiskönyvnek bőven lekörözi a fedlapot. Nem meghatározó, de megbízható alkotás ez mindent összevetve, bátran merem ajánlani a funeral doomot hallgató fazonoknak, de a kezdőknek is. Egy kis vakmerőség kellett volna még, és nálam meglépte volna a kilences küszöböt, ahová viszont csak a legnagyszerűbb lemezeket sorolom be. Így erős nyolcas, és bízom benne, hogy a következő anyaguknál meglesz a bevállalás, a belazulás.

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Mental Torment - Conclusion (Live in Tarantul, Dark Lethargy Tour III, Voronezh)

: Morph Nov 6 2013, 15:07

! ? =)

: Mental Torment Nov 6 2013, 16:33

: chroniclesofchaos
Mental Torment - _On the Verge..._ (Solitude Productions, 2013) by: Chaim Drishner (8.5 out of 10) Russian label Solitude Productions is a never ending source for quality music, and so, among the dozens of lukewarm, mixed-bag releases this highly productive label (and various sub-labels related to it) is offering, they who seek and explore, could find some timeless masterpieces that dodge every genre cliché and push the boundaries of doom/death metal (especially) further from their known, familiar and uninspired perimeters. Such is the case with Mental Torment, a Ukrainian unheralded band, to whom _On the Verge..._ would be a maiden recoding as a full-length album, and what an album it has become!... Capturing a mammoth of a sound, almost painfully heavy, _On the Verge..._ is a lightless album, comprised of cheerless, dark, devouring tunes of sheer dread and melancholy; of ultimate pessimism and supreme pain; ear-splitting musical substance and nightmarish soundscapes with not even a single glimpse of any form of light or brightness at the end of the tunnel; the jagged, crumbling, fetid tunnel of doom and gloom and some more doom, courtesy of Mental Torment. Devoid of gimmickry, Mental Torment's music is free from any additional ingredients (other than the ghostly keyboards that are hardly discernible, being more often than not drowned by tsunamis of vocal and electric guitar monstrosities presiding), garnering an authentic atmosphere of fear and bleak hopelessness you couldn't help but acknowledge with awe and reverence. Masters of disaster, these Ukrainian phenomenal musicians have cultivated and harvested a spooky album of gloomy melodies and leviathan-like sonic enormities rarely heard in the doom/death circles. Each second the album plays is harmful and vile, suggesting grisly fate and the crumbling down of humanity itself. Don't let the occasional merciful moments (the guitar leads, the momentary relief from the sonic assaults on the senses, the beautiful passages...) fool you into thinking this is another of those 'melodic' doom/death albums out there. Melodic it is, through and through, but the deeper the melodious factor, the greater is the malevolence lurking behind every riff; exhausting, hurtful, with an evil intent, this album is indeed nothing but 52 minutes of mental torture -- so dark, so menacing -- crushing you under its weight and in turn makes every hope and misconception (or prejudice toward this sub genre) crumble in the face of this beauty in black. Those who appreciate doom/death metal and want to explore it further, beware!, for this album is like entering an almost uncharted territory of the style. Every faculty and aesthetic of the genre here is magnified, amplified and spewed forward in a dramatic manner attributed to the criminally insane; those who wish to explore the ultimate in extremity (be it the extremity of despair, the extremity of heaviness, or both) should take heed and listen to this curiosity with caution, for this is a wrist-slashing material encapsulated in a harmless looking album waiting to unlock its horrors as soon as the 'play' button is pressed.

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, . "On the Verge.." 2013 doom death .

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- !

Mental Torment- Cold Rusted Flame

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Mental Torment !

Ukrainian Doom & Depression 2013

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Ukrainian Doom & Depression 2013

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Announcement:Mental Torment @ Ukraine || 2013

: Mental Torment Dec 19 2013, 02:29

Ukrainian Doom & Depression 2013 @ UMH || Kiev 2013 || Mental Torment

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Chernov Photography proudly presents a new promo-shooting for death\doom metal-band "Mental Torment"

ROSS || Mental Torment || Kiev 2013 || Promo-shooting || Chernov Photography

MAD || Mental Torment || Kiev 2013 || Promo-shooting || Chernov Photography

EP || Mental Torment || Kiev 2013 || Promo-shooting || Chernov Photography

ATRIUS || Mental Torment || Kiev 2013 || Promo-shooting || Chernov

STAS || Mental Torment || Kiev 2013 || Promo-shooting || Chernov Photography

LEO || Mental Torment || Kiev 2013 || Promo-shooting || Chernov Photography

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: =pl= Jan 12 2014, 04:23, )
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(=pl= @ Jan 12 2014, 03:23) *, )
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Es ist kein Geheimnis, das es im russisch-sprachigen Raum viele gute Doom/Death Metal Bands gibt und nun überraschen die Ukrainer Mental Torment mit ihrem Debütalbum "On the Verge" auf ganzer Linie!! Und die Band hat es geschafft eine moderne und "brutale" Produktion für ihren Erstling zu kreieren. Und was ich besonders liebe...die ganz tiefen Grunts und Growls hauen einen dermassen die Beine weg, eingebettet in dieser fetten Produktion, das es eine wahre Freude ist. Also Lautstärkeregler weit nach rechts und ab geht das Gegrunze. Bratende und majestätische Gitarren, opulente Keybordteppiche und die dichte Atmosphäre des Albums bereiten den aufmerksamen Hörer einen absoluten Hörgenuß. Für Fans von Officium Triste, Mourning Beloveth und alten My Dying Bride eine absolute Pflichtveranstaltung. Zu haben ist der 52-minütige Rundling über Solitude Productions. Bärenstarke 8 Pommesgabeln vergebe ich für diese Undergroundperle!

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- Duncan MacLeod .

- . ,
"On The Verge" .

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- . , Mental Torment ==== ----Metal Detected------ . , 173 , . Stay with us, stay doom !

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- .
- -

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(Mental Torment @ Feb 28 2014, 12:42) *
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2009- : ?

˳ :(



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(A.R. @ Mar 8 2014, 15:24) *
2009- : ? ˳ :( . !

, . . Stay with us, stay doomed wink.gif

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5 Kiev Kills .

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Mad Man: - ) )))

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